Why To Premiere Your Short At Show Me Shorts

(featured image: Working Class)

Having a robust festival strategy is vital for getting as many eyeballs as you can to see your short film. For filmmakers, deciding which festivals to submit to and whether to save your premiere can be a daunting process. Show Me Shorts has a strong reputation for assisting filmmakers to launch their film into the world. We aim to create an impact with dedicated marketing and PR support, high profile screenings and networking events. If you’re considering entering Show Me Shorts here are some testimonials from alumni who have premiered with Show Me Shorts in the past discussing why they choose us. 

“Show Me Shorts is the festival I call home. I have had three films selected with them over the last six years and have been a huge part of my growth as a filmmaker. I’ll basically never make a short that I won’t submit to Show Me Shorts. This festival’s run on pure passion, and they try to look after you as a filmmaker beyond just getting something to throw on a screen and growing their own brand. They care about follow through and helping to grow our talent, industry and film viewing community.” – Kyan Krumdieck: Director of Working Class, premiered at Show Me Shorts 2020 

(image: Hāngī Pants)

“We were so excited to have our film Hāngi Pants premiere at Show Me Shorts! I burst into tears of joy. Our first ever film would soon be screened across the county, and I couldn’t have been prouder of our team. It was only natural for the world premiere. The Show Me Shorts crew made us feel very special and welcome, even during a pandemic! Despite being under level 2 in Auckland city, our entire team put on their glad rags and went out to celebrate this gem of a film that has brought us all so much laughter. Our director Jake acknowledged our cast and crew with a moving speech and we had a chance to tautoko him and Hāngī Pants with a waiata. It was such a memorable night!” – Claire Varley: Writer/Producer of Hāngī Pants, premiered at Show Me Shorts 2020

(image: Twenty One Points)

Why did you choose to premiere Twenty One Points at Show Me Shorts?

We wanted to premiere the film in New Zealand, in part to support the local scene, and also to give our supporters, friends and family a chance to finally see it in all its glory. NZ has a fairly small market for film exposure and you want to get the best audience you can, Show Me Shorts has built a great following over the years so we knew as soon as we were accepted into the festival that it was the right one for us.

How did you and your team find the experience?

The Show Me Shorts team are really friendly and supportive, they’re organised, and gave us plenty of time to deliver the material they needed to promote the film. They are also really proactive in helping promote the film to markets around the world.

Did Show Me Shorts do anything different than other festivals you’ve been part of?

We were lucky to be selected for a few international festivals and Show Me Shorts did a great job in comparison. Because the festival itself travels the country, getting it in front of people in far flung corners of NZ is great. We also really appreciated the work done in sourcing markets for the film! Knowing it was winging it’s way around the world on airplane screens to countless audiences was a great feeling.

Rob Linkhorn: Producer of Twenty One Points, premiered at Show Me Shorts 2020

(image: Frankie Jean and the Morning Star)

Why did you choose to premiere Frankie Jean and the Morning Star at Show Me Shorts?

Show Me Shorts is a fantastic festival, which has a strong reputable reputation locally and internationally to present the best short films. When you say to other filmmakers you premiered at Show Me Shorts it is a big deal!

How did you and your team find the experience?

We felt so supported from the entire team at Show Me Shorts at all stages. Everybody in the Show Me Shorts team has a deep respect for film and storytelling with such enthusiasm for the filmmakers. There were so many wonderful conversations leading up to our film’s premiere and after the event – it was a truly memorable experience. A special note was some of our team couldn’t be at the premiere due to travel, and the Show Me Shorts team sent pictures of the premiere and updated us straight after with the positive audience response – this meant everything to our team!

Did we do anything different than other festivals you’ve been part of?

Being around and available, open and with a quick, clear line of communication – this was really impressive. At a lot of festivals you get accepted and then you don’t hear back from the festival programmers and have no idea about the festival, or the audience response. This again made the entire experience really special with Show Me Shorts.

Tara Ridell: Producer of Frankie Jean and the Morning Star premiered at Show Me Shorts 2020

Don’t forget to submit your short film before our deadline closes on July 1st.

If you need any further convincing, “Top Quality Fest. Great communication with the team. They go the extra mile for you and your film. Get your films submitted.” – Duncan Cowles: Director of Just Agree Then

If you’re looking for more information about crafting your festival strategy make sure to check out our article outlining the process here.