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LOVE SHORT FILMS? The Show Me Shorts DVDs bring together 32 of our favourite short films from over the years.

The beautifully crafted short films in these collections traverse an eclectic range of subjects, from awkward speed dating to killer hamsters! This is what short filmmaking is all about: incredible stories brought together in two perfect little packages.

Sit back and enjoy the stories that New Zealanders, and our neighbours across the ditch, have to tell about our humanity, history and the perils of ouija boards…

Volume One

  1. Bad Dates (Grant Lahood)
  2. Ray (Tony Mahony & Jannine Barnes)
  3. USO (Miki Magasiva & Tara Riddell)
  4. Eating Sausage (Zia Mandviwalla & Annelise Coulam)
  5. Thursday (Matthew Fallon & Marisa Martin)
  6. Blue Willow (Veialu Aila-Unsworth)
  7. Chop Off (Grant Lahood)
  8. The Opposite of Velocity (dir. Michael Robinson)
  9. Dead Letters (Paolo Rotondo)
  10. Rose (Jo Hiles)
  11. Night of the Hell Hamsters (Paul Campion)
  12. Gravel 3000 (Makoto Takaoka & Anna Canton)
  13. The Game (Christopher Johnson)
  14. The King Boys (Christopher Clark)
  15. A Very Nice Honeymoon (Jeff & Phill Simmonds)

Combined runtime 2 hours 30 minutes. Rated MA 15+.

20.00 NZD each (with GST)(+5.00 NZD Shipping) 

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Volume Two

  1. Serial Killer (Bruno du Bois)
  2. Before Closing (Zak Hilditch)
  3. Noise Control (Phill Simmonds)
  4. Betty Banned Sweets (Michelle Savill)
  5. Chalk (Esther Cahill-Chiaroni)
  6. Fish N’ Chip Shop (Kirsten Green)
  7. One Shoe Short (Jackie van Beek)
  8. Eel Girl (Paul Campion)
  9. Road Range (Mark Bellamy)
  10. Take 3 (Roseanne Liang)
  11. Poppy (James Cunningham)
  12. Just Like the Others (Jackie van Beek)
  13. P.U.A (Melissa Kent)
  14. Sole Mates (Kelly Hunt)
  15. Isosceles (Anton Steel)
  16. A Break in the Monotony (Damien Slevin)
  17. Coffee & Allah (Sima Urale)

Combined runtime 3 hours 30 minutes. Rated R16.

20.00 NZD each (with GST)(+5.00 NZD Shipping)

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