VOD channels for online self-distribution

Here is a handy list we have compiled of VOD sites you might consider using for online self-distribution of your short film. If you see one that interests you, we recommend doing more research on that individual company first, and contacting them about their fees and requirements.


VOD Platforms Type Payment Notes
BitTorrent TVOD Filmmaker sets their cut. Significantly reduced cost for distributor. Unique. Decentralised form of business. Using BitTorrent ‘Bundles’programme, the filmmaker sets what ‘action’ they’d like the BitTorent user to perform (whether that be donating $5, or sharing the film’s link) to access the film. Peer to peer downloads. Audience of 180 million.
CreateSpace (Amazon) TVOD Split 50/50. Film made available as standard-download or DVD order. Users can choose from Download to Own, or Download to Rent. Does not give you access to Amazon Prime, need to contact individual aggregator.
Fandor SVOD No set-up fees. They say they split 50/50 with creators, but the split is based on viewership, time watched and gross receipts Device friendly. Filmmakers can host on other platforms simultaneously
FetchApp SVOD Filmmaker cut is 100% after plan fee ($5-$500 per month). FetchApp allows you to sell and digitally deliver downloadable products. Integrated with Shopify, Wordpress, Bigcommerce, Goodsie, PayPal. Securely hosts files.
FLM.TV TVOD/SVOD 100% Filmmaker cut. VOD company for independent films. View trailers for free, audience pays combo of transactional/subscription depending on film.
Gathr TVOD 100% Filmmaker cut. Gathr screenings are designed to be hosted in local theatres. A minimum number of people must reserve tickets before a screening request expires. You have all rights, Gathr pays $20,000 for theatrical rights if you receive the needed support for a screening.
Gumroad SVOD/TVOD Fees start at $10 a month, and they take 3.5% + 30c per charge. Sell directly to audience. Can set price for audience, whether that be transactional or subscription. Renting option available.
IndieReign/Indiegogo TVOD 70% filmmaker cut, not including 3% PayPal charge. Partnered with crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. Open TVOD. Direct to audience.
InteliVideo SVOD 70-80% after fees ($49-$249/yr) Pay subscription for account. Set price tag on your videos.
MUBI SVOD Split 50/50 with creators Global – in 200 countries. UK-based, with foundation programming deals made for 30000 hours of programming from Warners & Sony. More arthouse style. Users get 30-day window to view, per film.
Pivotshare SVOD 70% cut, depending on amount of contributors. Channels can host more than one creator and profits split between.
Reelhouse TVOD Reelhouse takes 10% plus 50c per transaction. Branching into VR. Good toolset for VR Creators. Offers live events. Staff picks can increase visibility. Helpful/thorough FAQ.
Slated All monetary transactions occur offline. Helps you find people you need to get film packaged, financed, represented and distributed. No direct fees on site. Platform to connect industry professionals, investors and filmmakers.
Topspin SVOD 100% cut after monthly fee ($9.99-$99.99). Direct-to-fan sales and marketing platform. Used to promote and sell music, films, merch, tickets + more.
VHX/Vimeo OTT TVOD Fee is 10% plus $0.50 per transaction. No set-up fees. Publishes daily stats. Big internationally. Has bonus features, such as gifting, coupons and flash sales.
Vimeo On Demand TVOD Split 10% Vimeo & 90% Creator.

Must create a $199 Vimeo Pro account.

Videos behind paywall for On-Demand. They have non-monitorable Transaction Fees (key catch in details). Big internationally. 20GB of upload space, then Transaction Fees. Paid through PayPal.
YouTube AVOD No set-up fees. Has ‘AdSense’ payments via ‘Partner Program’. Need 1000 subscribers to access. Has a ‘Creator Academy’. However, viewers expect YouTube videos to be free.