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Fantastic shorts to unwrap this Christmas

Nothing beats film for a way to escape the real world, and what better way to dodge the family Christmas dramas than fresh and gorgeous fantasy and sci/fi? SMS team member Clayton breaks up your holiday break with striking fresh shorts that span around the world and into new ones.

Highlights from Francesca Rudkin!

Film and music reviewer and Show Me Shorts ambassador Francesca Rudkin discusses four of her favourite shorts from this years Show me Shorts Film Festival. Ranging from a nostalgic comedy that attempts to create an idealized past, unsuccessful flat-hunts, delightful animations and even to a story of motherhood and consolidating crying children. Francesca shares her top picks!

Early announcement of films

This year we are bringing 48 spectacular films to 23 cinemas across New Zealand that demonstrate the exceptional levels of talent, patience, passion and crazy ideas of the film making community. Here is a selection of 6 films that will compete in the 11th annual Show Me Shorts Film Festival, take a look.

Kiwis do sci-fi

Good science fiction can extrapolate themes and trends and make us consider future possibilities in places we’ve never been before. Chris Philpott, manager of SKY TV’s sci-fi channel THE ZONE, shares three kiwi sci-fi shorts that more than make up for smaller budgets with intriguing stories and fascinating settings.

Small but perfectly formed

Special guest, screenwriter, and SMS ambassador Nick Ward shares 3 short shorts that have cut all the excess, leaving their central message unhindered. These shorts show how a film can still manage to intrigue, unsettle, and thrill in under 5 minutes.

Torturing your characters

Sometimes for a story to be worth telling, its characters have to go through hell. In this month’s Screening Room, Clayton Barnett takes a look at three shorts from the 2014 festival now screening online that take their protagonists and creators through the wringer.