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2018’s biggest laughs

Here are three of the funniest films from our 2018 programme. They show very different kinds of comedy and ways filmmakers can use humour to draw us into their stories.

Early announcement of films

This year we are bringing 48 spectacular films to 23 cinemas across New Zealand that demonstrate the exceptional levels of talent, patience, passion and crazy ideas of the film making community. Here is a selection of 6 films that will compete in the 11th annual Show Me Shorts Film Festival, take a look.

Breaking out the stubbies

Rugby is filled with drama and tension and it seems the changing rooms and playing fields of our national game are ripe for good story telling. If you’re looking for something to find the gap before the next big match, try one of these compelling rugby shorts.

Australia’s Funniest Shorts

In this Screening Room, Australian comedian Sean Conway shares three of his favourite films from the Australia’s Funniest Shorts collection, taking an amusing look at modern romance, beauty, and television standards.

Comedy Gold

Dying is easy, comedy is hard. Is this oft-quoted Hollywood maxim why intense dramas seem to collect all the statues during award season? Clayton Barnett opens up the Show Me Shorts vault to find three comedies that have won our top award over the years.