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Highlights from Francesca Rudkin!

Film and music reviewer and Show Me Shorts ambassador Francesca Rudkin discusses four of her favourite shorts from this years Show me Shorts Film Festival. Ranging from a nostalgic comedy that attempts to create an idealized past, unsuccessful flat-hunts, delightful animations and even to a story of motherhood and consolidating crying children. Francesca shares her top picks!

Programme Picks from Francesca Rudkin

Film reviewer and presenter Francesca Rudkin discusses three films from this year’s festival. These beautifully crafted shorts tie in themes of familial love in the face of a wide range of adversity: from coming-to-terms with coming-of-age to inter-generational socio-economic issues to vertical discrimination.

Performance-driven shorts selected by Miranda Harcourt

In this Screening Room, renowned kiwi actor, acting coach and director Miranda Harcourt shares three of her favourite kiwi shorts. With an eye for detail and the art of storytelling, these NZ classics show how actors can reveal a complete narrative through careful performance rather than exposition.

Small but perfectly formed

Special guest, screenwriter, and SMS ambassador Nick Ward shares 3 short shorts that have cut all the excess, leaving their central message unhindered. These shorts show how a film can still manage to intrigue, unsettle, and thrill in under 5 minutes.