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Calling All Critics!

Harry Sinclair and Don McGlashan in Walkshort

Harry Sinclair and Don McGlashan in Walkshort

This month we were very pleased to hear from NZ Herald Film Critic Dominic Corry who shared his favourite short film with us, featuring a classic comedic duo on a romp up and down one of Auckland’s most iconic streets. This also got us thinking: what is your favourite online short? Read on after Dom’s pick for details on how to share with us- if your submission is selected, we’ll send you a DVD of some of our favourites!



My favourite short film is Walkshort, a 10 minute wonder from 1987 directed by Bill Toepfer. Harry Sinclair and Don McGlashan (then performing as musical comedy duo “The Front Lawn”) co-wrote and star in the film, each playing a variety of characters who encounter each other on Auckland’s Karangahape Rd.

The nervous tension exhibited by most of the characters feels uniquely Kiwi, as do the awkward interactions that occur between them. The film can easily function as a nascent version of the cringe comedy that would later come to the fore in shows like The Office and Curb Your Enthusiasm. Sinclair went on to make Topless Women Talk About Their Lives and The Price of Milk, while McGlashan is best known as the lead singer of “The Mutton Birds” and for his various film and TV scores. But neither has since created something so perfectly formed as Walkshort, an enduringly hilarious piece of work that may just be the funniest film ever made in this country.
Dominic Corry

Share your favourite film and win a DVD!

We’d love to hear about your favourite freely (and legally!) available online short. Send us an email at with a link to your film choice and a brief (about 150 words or less please) writeup of how/why you’ve picked it by June 15th. Shorts should be under 20 minutes and can be from NZ or abroad and any genre. We’ll select a few submissions to go into our July Screening Room- if your film and synopsis is selected, we’ll get in touch and send you a Best Of Show Me Shorts (Vol 1) DVD

Thanks again to Dominic for sharing Walkshort with us. We’re also looking forward to seeing the submissions from our fantastic readers- can’t wait to hear from you and see some of your favourite films!