Australia’s Funniest Shorts

Following on from last month’s Comedy Gold edition of the Screening Room, we challenged Australian comedian Sean Conway to curate a selection of Australian comedy shorts for us from the Australia’s Funniest Shorts collection – a popular film festival by Vulture Culture showcasing short films and sketches created by top Australian comedians, funny people and filmmakers.

Comedy is always one of the most popular genres for shorts, especially in Australian film culture. Three of my favourite comedy shorts would have to be The Polygamist, Makeover and The Laugh Track. Not really, but these are the three I got told to watch… actually I remember seeing them at Rottofest but I was drunk, so glad to re-watch them again here and find they are still funny sober.


The Polygamist
(Shortlisted at Tropfest Australia 2013)

The Polygamist is a RomCom with a twist. A woman and her three boyfriends all living under one roof is such a great premise. This short is well written and has great dialogue. It kind of reminds me of The Brady Bunch meets The Girls of the Playboy Mansion TV shows; with all the beautiful shots of the former and high drama of the latter. A great watch!


(Second Place at Tropfest Australia 2013)

A lonely elderly gentleman decides it’s time for a radical spring makeover, not of his home but of himself. I like Makeover because it has the polish of a Hollywood RomCom yet is at times as stomach-turning as The Human Centipede. I’d love to talk more about this film but think I might give away too much.


The Laugh Track

The Laugh Track is a piss take on MTV’s Behind the Music-type docos. I will admit I’m a bit biased as I’ve got a couple of mates in this one, but ask anyone, it’s hilarious. This short has great jokes and hits some touchy subjects in the comedy scene.

All these movies are great. The Australia’s Funniest Shorts program has screened at top Australian festivals including: Rottofest, Sydney Comedy Festival, Fringe World and is soon to screen at Darwin Fringe and Cinefest Oz. The name is no lie. These are some of the funniest comedy shorts I’ve seen all year. For more information on Australia’s Funniest Shorts, contact: