Screening at Splore Feb 20-21!

We’re pumped to be presenting some amazing kiwi shorts as part of the wonderful Splore music and arts festival this February. Situated this year in the Tapapakanga Regional Park an hour drive southeast of Auckland, the three-day festival is a celebration of culture and art: created, performed, and experienced. We’re bringing a selection of 7 kiwi short films suitable for all ages on Friday and Saturday night titled Mobile Home.

New Zealanders have a strong sense of identity anchored to the land. Our place and our whanau are who we are. But taking journeys is part of our culture too. So what happens when we leave home? Can we take it with us? These short films explore our deep connection to our home place, our Turangawaewae, and what happens to that when we bravely set forth to explore new worlds.

You can catch us from 10pm – 2am on Friday 20 or from 10pm – 11pm on Saturday 21 at the Splace venue during the festival. The total runtime of a full screening is 79 minutes and you can find out more about the films to be shown below. Hope to see you there!



Documentary, 11 mins, NZ, (G)

Follow the journey of a house as it is moved
across some of the most spectacular and
challenging landscapes in New Zealand.

Dir. Thomas Gleeson.
Prod. Pip Walls.

I’m Going to Mum’s

Comedy, 12 mins, NZ, (G)

When the divorced parents of Jacob, 8, insist
on dressing him in ridiculous clothes to spite
each other, he resorts to desperate fashion
measures to assert his identity.

Dir./Writer Lauren Jackson. Prod Andrew
Cochrane, Jeremy Macey.


CGI Animation / Sci Fi, 4 mins, NZ, (G)

A strange mechanical device lands on a
desolate world and uses the planet to undergo
a startling transformation, which has profound
implications for an entire galaxy.

Dir./Prod./Writer Richard Mans.

Ellen is Leaving

Romance, 16 mins, NZ, (G)

On the eve of departing overseas, Ellen makes
the fateful decision to gift her boyfriend to
another girl.

Dir. Michelle Savill. Prod. Desray Armstrong.
Writer Marthy Hardy-Ward.

Last Flight

Sci-Fi, 15mins, NZ, (PG)

200 million kilometres from home, her base in
flames and her oxygen supply dwindling, a lone
astronaut begins a final, perilous journey to the
end of the world.

Dir. Damon Keen.

Day Trip

Road Trip movie, 11 min, NZ, (G)

A gang member wakes up one morning and
decides he needs a day off. A short voyage
between islands changes his outlook on life.

Dir. Zoe McIntosh.

A Very Nice Honeymoon

Animation, 10 min 2006, (G)

A true story about the filmmakers’ great
grandparents, Mariano & Elizabeth Vella, who
were on the steamer SS Wairarapa when it was
wrecked on the coast of Great Barrier Island in
NZ in 1893

Dirs. Jeff and Phill Simmonds.