Ten Thousand Days

Show Me Shorts brings time-travelling films to Splore

‘Ten Thousand Days’.

Festival-goers heading to Splore in February will enjoy a line-up of Kiwi short films that will take them on epic journeys through time, thanks to Short Me Shorts Film Festival.

For the second year running, Show Me Shorts is providing a curated programme to the vibrant outdoor summer music and arts festival (February 19-21), held at Tapapakanga Regional Park, south-east of Auckland. The theme is ‘Time Travellers’, and the people in this collection of short films are moving between worlds, pushing the boundaries to explore, and even bending the laws of physics.

The shorts will be playing in the ‘Splace’ area, found in the themed camping area at the top of the goat track. The six-film programme includes:

  • Crash Course, directed by Simon Heath.
  • 43,000 Feet, directed by Campbell Hooper.
  • Airmail, directed by Prue Cunningham, starring Wesley Dowdell and Fasitua Amosa.
  • Snowmen, directed by Jonathan Brough, starring Jonathan Brough and John Leigh.
  • Ten Thousand Days, directed by Michael Duignan, starring Benedict Wall and Morgana O’Reilly.
  • The Light Harvester, directed by Jason Howden, starring Craig Hall.

The films have a total running time of 74 minutes, and a censorship rating of PG (all films are suitable to be viewed by children).

See you there!