Self Love Short Films

After a brief hiatus, the Screening Room series is back! What better theme to explore than the idea of ‘self love’. A universal concept that’s extremely important in an increasingly divisive online landscape, sometimes we all need to check in with ourselves and give ourselves credit. These three short films explore the very different ways this concept can be conveyed and explored. Through comedy, animation and drama these films tell the viewer ‘Hey you, it’s ok. You’re great!’.

Cute House

I stumbled upon this charming short film (I use this term loosely, as it qualifies as more of a comedy sketch) late one evening during one of my many youtube ‘rabbit holes’. What I found so refreshing about this comedy short from ‘The Dress Up Gang’ is the way it subverts the outdated bias that masculinity is antithetical to cute and creates a wholesome viewing experience. It also presents a rather poignant message that loving yourself is, well, cute!


If you grew up with Clifford, the big red dog then this proof-of-concept animated short from Emily Brundige will hit you right in the feels. A larger than life girl who comes to terms with her size after a brief snafu with a grumpy old lady. Summed up perfectly by the director herself “there’s no person too big or too small to be loved in this world”. A great short with a great message that the whole family can enjoy.

Found Me

This short genuinely surprised me. What I initially incorrectly assumed upon the first minute of this film was a story about corporate burn-out – possibly due to the unconventional narrative structure – progressed into a somewhat uplifting story about igniting passions once dormant in ourselves with comparisons akin to David Fincher’s Fight Club. The takeaway from this is: Follow your passions and see where it takes you.


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