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Call for Scripts to Purchase for Educational Use

We are piloting a new project for Show Me Shorts this year. The ‘Filmmaking Guide for Teachers’ is a set of resources we are developing to help upper primary and intermediate school teachers in New Zealand to make short films in the classroom with their students. The resources will be provided in written form (a booklet and PDF) and include a set of short instructional videos.

We are now looking to license the rights to four or five short film scripts that can be included in the resource as examples. They need to be stories for children that are a maximum of 5-minutes long (2-minutes is ideal), suitable for being shot and entirely created by students on school grounds. So quite limited in terms of duration and setting. The genre could be anything, but probably not animation, experimental or documentary.

Our initial testing shows that writing a workable script is not easy when working with this age-group, so it is our intention to provide this set of sample scripts as part of the resource. These scripts will give inspiration for the students to write their own, serve as a teaching aid for what a good script looks like, and also be used as the basis for students to try producing their version of the story.

We have budgeted $600 to pay for the rights to each script with $200 of that paid up front for the pilot phase of the project (term valid for one-year) and the option to extend the rights (for a further 9 years) for an additional fee of $400.

If you have a suitable script you would like to submit for consideration, please email it to Gina Dellabarca by 10am Tuesday 6 April 2021. All scripts will be read in strict confidence. A non-exclusive contract will be offered to those screenwriters whose work is most suitable.