Read all about it: short film scripts for aspiring screenwriters

Before you begin writing your short film script, read all the screenplays you can find. How often have you been told that? They’re not easy to get hold of though, so we’ve come to your assistance with a selection of scripts you can read. These are all for New Zealand shorts that have been successfully made into films, and featured at Show Me Shorts Film Festival. Huge thanks go out to all of the filmmakers that were generous enough to share their scripts.

Tee Party

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Insomniac strangers in the night. A cranky security guard and a long-haul pilot meet at a 24 hour driving range. An unlikely friendship develops.

Writer/director: Michael Beran
NZ / comedy / 12min / 2010

Friday Tigers

Friday Tigers. Ngā Taika o te Rāmere from Notable Pictures on Vimeo.

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In Aidee Walker’s award-winning film we meet a mother tiger trying to build a brighter future for her daughter, with whom she has created a fantasy world of bumble-bees, spiders and wolves.

Writer/director: Aidee Walker
Producer: Julia Parnell
NZ / drama / 16min / 2013

Honk If You’re Horny

Honk If You’re Horny from Joe Lonie on Vimeo.

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Andy Anderson gives a career highlight performance as a lascivious taxi driver telling a hilarious dirty story to an enigmatic young musician, the captive audience on a taxi ride from hell.

Writer/director: Joe Lonie
Producers: Anna Geddes, Cass Donaldson
NZ / comedy / 12min / 2012


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Eade is a 14yr-old girl returning to Earth on the spaceship Cradle when an explosion cripples the spacecraft and injures her dad. She must try to outwit the computer that refuses to perform the operation needed to save his life.

Writer: Hugh Calveley
Director: Damon Duncan
Producer: Luke Robinson
NZ / sci-fi / 16min / 2015


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This award winning short film tells the story of a Chinese migrant family in 1980s New Zealand that is at the point of breaking apart.

Writer/director: Yamin Tun
Producers: Vicky Pope, Dan Higgins
NZ / drama / 14min / 2015


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A teenage outcast discovers the cast on her broken arm can be a way to make new friends.

Writer/director: Georgina Bloomfield
Producer: Dave Mark
NZ / drama / 14min / 2016