7. UK Focus

This bold collection of top new short films from the United Kingdom has been curated in collaboration with the London Short Film Festival. The seven short films explore the lives of Brits in the 21st century — their concerns, fears, hopes and dreams. We delve into a variety of topics such as sex, love, family, displacement, drugs, dating and nights out on the town. The movies demonstrate a wide breadth of new filmmaking talent in the UK creative sector.

Total length: 73 minutes
Rating: R16 Sexual abuse themes, violence, offensive language, sex scenes & drug references.


Comedy, 15 mins, United Kingdom

Dir: Alice Seabright
Writ: Elaine Grace
Prod: Alexandra Blue, Kate Phibbs

Jaq is angry. But she also wants to have sex. This should be straightforward — angry sex is an accepted form of copulation. But her body is out to sabotage her coitus in the worst way… endometriosis.


Drama, 10 mins, United Kingdom

Dir/Writ: John Ogunmuyiwa
Prod: Emily Everdee
Special message from the filmmaker(s)

A job is just a job, but as with anything, time flies when you’re doing it with your best friend. And today’s no different. We follow Ty and Malcolm as they go about their daily routine. Just another day for two really good friends.

Kingdom Come

Drama, 17 mins, United Kingdom

Dir: Sean Dunn
Prod: Alex Polunin

A middle-class family spends the day together purchasing items in anticipation of the arrival of a new baby. We follow them into a consumerist dreamscape that soon dissolves into something nightmarish.


Drama, 9 mins, United Kingdom

Dir: Hayley Williams
Writ: Freddy Syborn
Prod: Tom Gardner

A displaced mother, her young daughter and her baby are hiding out in a school that’s closed for the holidays. When they are discovered, the mother is faced with an impossible choice: does she abandon her little girl in order to try and keep her safe?


Drama, 8 mins, United Kingdom

Dir/Writ: Harry Lighton
Dir: Marco Alessi, Matthew Jacobs Morgan
Prod: Sorcha Bacon

Tam gets on the first tube home, alone. In just a crop-top and high-waisted jeans, he feels conspicuous. So he plugs in his earphones and begins reliving his Halloween night out via his phone.

Hot and Tasty

Animation, 4 mins, United Kingdom

Two drunk friends accidentally walk into a crime scene.

Writ: Simona Mehandzhieva

Dir/Writ: Laura Jayne Hodkin

The Plunge

Comedy, 10 mins, United Kingdom

Dir: Simon Ryninks
Writ: Omar Khan
Prod: Tibo Travers
Special message from the filmmaker(s)

After a night of passion, Emily tells Jay that she’d like to use a strap-on. Scared of losing a girl he has a connection with, Jay reluctantly agrees.


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