Secrets and Lies

The characters in these short films are all hiding something. Featuring a sordid night out, a thirst for vengeance, guilt, loneliness, sexual indiscretion, rock ‘n’ roll and a heist gone wrong. The suppression or revelation of their secrets will play out to deliver high drama, action, comedy and surprises. To what lengths will they go to hide or uncover the truth? Are the rumours true?

Estimated total run time: 98 minutes.
Rated R16 for violence, sexual violence, drug use, offensive language, sex scenes & suicide.

The Event

Comedy, 10 mins, NZ

Dir: Eddy Fifield

Writ: Dominic Hoey

Prod: Hazel Gibson

Set in Auckland’s infamous K R’d, the morning after. Seff is trying to find his keys while battling a vicious hangover and a sordid rumour.

Long Time Coming

Drama, 12 mins, NZ (world premiere)

Dir/Writ: Tom Augustine

Prod: Puteri Raja Ariff, Rebekah Ngatae, Sarah Hall

When Alice’s friend is the victim of a disturbing crime, she seeks help getting revenge as she grapples with grief and anger.

Break In The Weather

Drama, 16 mins, NZ (world premiere)

Dir/Writ: Aidee Walker

Prod: Alexander Gandar

Jamie unexpectedly finds herself being the live-in nurse for the person she despises most – her father. Can the pop hits of the 90s help her overcome the betrayal from her past?


Drama, 14 mins, NZ (world premiere)

Dir/Writ: Georgina Bloomfield

Prod: Dave Mark

A teenage outcast discovers the cast on her broken arm can be a way to make new friends.


Drama, 14 mins, NZ

Dir/Writ: Yamin Tun

Prod: Vicky Pope, Daniel Higgins

This award winning short film tells the story of a Chinese migrant family in 1980s New Zealand that is at the point of breaking apart.

Love is Blind

Comedy, 7 mins, UK (NZ premiere)

Dir/Writ: Dan Hodgson

Prod: Elizabeth Brown

When Alice’s husband James returns home early to try and fix their marriage, Alice is in the arms of a her lover. A comedic quest begins as she attempts the reconciliation while simultaneously negotiating the lover’s escape.


Comedy, 13 mins, Australia (NZ premiere)

Dir/Writ/Prod: Yianni Warnock

Prod: Charles Williams

Shannon cooks dinner whilst speaking to a perverted stranger online. Meanwhile her husband Andrew takes a bath wrapped in Christmas lights. A hilarious and shocking tale of two lost souls looking for solace in the wrong places.

Shout at the Ground

Comedy, 11 mins, NZ (world premiere)

Dir/Writ: Joe Lonie

Prod: Leela Menon

Trapped in a speeding van, a Kiwi rock band succumb to travel sickness while deconstructing the heist that robbed them of an entire weekend’s door take.


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