My Generation

Short films are great for kids! This section of the programme is suitable for the whole family to enjoy together. Join the Pony Express! Take a trip into outer space. Go on an epic adventure with a community of mice. Overcome oppression with the power of dance. Take life lessons from a flying kite and an angry snowman. Discover how difference can be a superpower. Learn how to shine in life, even if the part you’re given in the school play is as a background tree!

Estimated total run time: 79 minutes.
Rating – PG Violence, coarse language, some scenes may scare very young children. Contact your cinema for details. Best for ages 7-12 years and above.

Spice Frontier

Animation, 9 mins, USA

Dir: Adam Meyer

Dir/Writ: Jalil Sadoool

Prod: Keith Lackey

Centuries after the destruction of Earth, Kent and his cyborg companion embark on a flavour-driven adventure across the dangerous intergalactic trade route known as the ‘Spice Road’.

My Brother Luca

Animation, 10 mins, Mexico

Dir/Writ/Prod: Carlos Algara

Dir/Prod: Catalina Serna

Writ: Sofia Garza

When an imaginative girl discovers that her older brother might have superpowers, she sets out on a quest to make sure everyone else sees him as she does.

Kino Ratten

World Premiere

Animation, 10 mins, New Zealand

Dir/Writ/Prod: Peter McCully

Prod: Rachel Copp

In Nazi Germany, a projectionist is forced to screen propaganda films before the main features. But the rats of the cinema have other ideas. They disrupt a screening to put on a show of their own.

Tree #3

Drama, 20 mins, USA

Dir/Writ: Omer Ben-Shachar

Writ: Sydney Meadow

Prod: Iris Yang

After being cast as a background tree in his annual school play, an ambitious and imaginative immigrant boy leads a revolution on stage that his intolerant drama teacher will never forget.

The Evolution of a Poorly Thrown Snowball

New Zealand Premiere

Animation, 7 mins, New Zealand

Dir/Writ/Prod: Matthew Quinnell

Writ: Falstaff Dowling Mitchell

A supernatural animation about two kids playing and their reckless disregard for nature, which may come back to haunt them.

Mice, a Small Story

Animation, 5 mins, France

Dir: Jade Baillargeault, Nazli Doale, Dimitri James, Quang Danial La, Morgane Lau, Mélanie Pango, Manon Pringault

Prod: Isart Digital

In a dark subway tunnel, a group of mice find a gold ring-pull that seems to have a mysterious effect on one of them. Not so far from them, an owl and his enslaved rats are watching.

The Kite

Animation, 14 mins, Czech Republic

Dir/Writ: Martin Smatana

Prod: Peter Badač

This simple story about the friendship between a boy and his grandfather deals with the issue of death in a metaphorical and symbolic way. The boy learns that all living creatures must die, but also that death doesn’t mean the end of our story.

Tony the Tiny Pony

Music, 4 mins, New Zealand

Dir: Ned Wenlock

Writ/Prod: Jeremy Dillon, Ben Sinclair

The musical tale of a tiny pony following his dream of joining the Pony Express. Featuring the original song `Tony the Tiny Pony’.


Auckland Central – Rialto Cinemas Newmarket

Sun 6 Oct

3:30 pm
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*World premiere screening with filmmaker intro

Thu 10 Oct

2:30 pm
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Mon 14 Oct

2:00 pm
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Titirangi – Lopdell House

Sat 19 Oct

4:00 pm
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Christchurch – Alice

Sat 19 Oct

1:00 pm
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Picton – Endeavour Park

Sat 12 Oct

1:00 pm
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Wellington Central – Light House Cuba

Sun 13 Oct

2:30 pm
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Wed 16 Oct

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Mon 21 Oct

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