4. Love Lines

We are all powerfully connected through a web of heartstrings. The short films collected here reflect the deep desire for human connection. The stories unspool the threads that bind us to one another — sometimes stitched tightly, and other times they’ve come loose like the thread on a favourite jersey. These characters are seeking love, whether they know it or not.

Total length: 92 minutes
Rating: R16 Rape, nudity, offensive language & sexual content.


Drama, 19 mins, New Zealand

Dir/Writ: Claire van Beek
Prod: Alix Whittaker
Special message from the filmmaker(s)

At an isolated convent in rural New Zealand, a young novice is confronted with the sudden desire to explore her sexual self in the wake of meeting a blue-tongued lizard.

Solstice d’un Coeur Brisé
(A Broken-Hearted Solstice)

Comedy, 13 mins, Canada

Dir/Writ: Fanny Lefort
Prod: Olivier Normandin

A professional mascot gets dumped on the longest day of the year. The icy mood she’s plunged into doesn’t fit with the heatwave she is experiencing.

The Trick

World Premiere

Drama, 13 mins, New Zealand

Dir/Writ/Prod: Harry McNaughton
Dir: Natalie Medlock
Prod: Koro Dickinson

A lonely young toyboy hires a sex worker on his birthday, but he’s looking for much more than a simple orgasm. Can true intimacy be reduced to a transaction?


Drama, 6 mins, Switzerland

Dir/Writ/Prod: Anne Thorens

A young couple is already in the heat of the action when she asks him for a condom. He doesn’t have one, but that doesn’t seem to curb his enthusiasm.


Drama, 15 mins, Ukraine/Israel/United Kingdom

Dir/Writ/Prod: Dekel Berenson
Prod: Merlin Merton, Olga Beskhmelnytsina

Anna, an ageing single mother in war-torn Eastern Ukraine, goes to a party to meet American men in search of love. Awkward, funny and touching, this award-winning film has screened at Cannes 2019 and more than 200 festivals globally.

Summer Thing by Alae

Music video, 4 mins, New Zealand

Dir/Writ: Vision Thing
Prod: Blaine Stevenson

This music video is a tribute to classic mid-century musicals, and a love story between two creatures who naturally avoid sun and smiles. Proof that music and love conquer all stereotypes.

Nýr dagur í Eyjafirði

Drama, 15 mins, Iceland

Dir/Writ: Magnús Leifsson
Prod: Lalli Jonsson
Special message from the filmmaker(s)

Dovetail follows a man in his forties who has become trapped in a life that no longer fits him. In search of serenity, he imitates male stereotypes and dives into all the clichés of the material world. This short film is a lyrical presentation of beauty, grief and sorrow.


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