Light in the Dark

Stories convey coded messages and knowledge that can help us to navigate our path. The short films in this section of the programme tell of new bonds forged within fractured whanau, and the healing balm of friendship prescribed for loss and loneliness. They give survival tips for the impending apocalypse. They offer a glimpse of hope, whether by torchlight, lamplight or exploding firework.

Estimated total run time: 100 minutes.
Rated M for offensive language.


Drama, 16 mins, New Zealand

Dir/Writ: Lauren Jackson

Prod: Jeremy Macey, Andrew Cochrane

One evening Alisi climbs a huge tree and won’t come down. As night falls and we discover her secret, Alisi must choose whether to follow tradition or find a new path — with or without her family.


Science fiction, 13 mins, South Korea/USA

NZ Premiere

Dir/Writ: Ji Hyun Kim

Writ: Julia Yu

Prod: Nikolai Metin

Junkyu works for HereForYou, an app-based service company. He travels around the city at night on a scooter to help people with a variety of tasks.


Drama, 12 mins, New Zealand

World Premiere

Dir/Writ/Prod: Mark Prebble

Writ/Prod: Marion Prebble

Prod: Ruby Reihana-Wilson

Isabelle is determined not to spend her 65th birthday alone. She invites herself into the home of her new neighbour, a struggling mum in the middle of a nervous breakdown.


Coming of age, 12 mins, New Zealand

Dir/Prod: Amberley Jo Aumua

Writ: Samuel Kamu

Two best friends become brothers as they wait for a life-changing phone call. This film won two awards at NZIFF 2017.


Drama, 14 mins, New Zealand

Dir: Jeremiah Tauamiti

Writ: Taofia Pelesasa

Prod: Karin Williams

An ailing Polynesian matriarch must find the strength to lead her family one last time.

The Last One

Science fiction, 15 mins, UK

NZ Premiere

Dir: Andrea Banjanin

Writ/Prod: Paul Bailey

Prod: Justine Priestley

Every living thing on the planet has disappeared. No warning. No apparent reason. Every human and animal, gone. Except Matthew.

Happy Birthday

Comedy, 6 mins, New Zealand

NZ Premiere

Writ/Prod: Dominic Hoey

A trio of flatmates inadvertently kickstart the apocalypse by abusing a new Facebook feature. Dir/Prod: Eddy Fifield


Animation, 12 mins, Belgium

NZ Premiere

Dir/Writ: Britt Raes

Prod: Karim Rhellam

Catherine is a girl who loves pets! Maybe a little too much? Most of all, she loves her cat. As Catherine grows up, her cat becomes her whole life, leaving little room for other humans.


Auckland Central – Rialto Cinemas Newmarket

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Christchurch – Alice Cinematheque

Thu 16 Nov

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Sat 6 Jan

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