Korean Focus

The seven short films in this collection explore the lives of South Koreans and what is important to them. Their history, fears and dreams. Myths and legends. The ties that bind them, and what threats might break their families apart. With comedy, animation and drama aplenty, the collection demonstrates the breadth of filmmaking talent in South Korea’s creative sector, showcasing a wide range of styles and stories.

Show Me Shorts and the Korean Embassy also invite you to join us at two special premiere screenings in Auckland (10 October) and Wellington (17 October). These include live music, canapes, and glass of wine before screening; will be introduced by the Festival director and one of the visiting filmmakers; and will be followed by a Q&A.

Estimated total run time: 85 minutes.
R16 Offensive language, sexual themes & content that may disturb. Contact your cinema for details.

Moon, Thread

Drama, 14 mins, South Korea

Dir/Writ/Prod: Sum Chung, Doh Lee

The heartwarming story of a lonely little girl who tries to reconnect her family, after hearing of a fable about magical silk threads connecting us all.

(The Red Bean Soup)

World Premiere

Drama, 11 mins, South Korea

Dir: Jinju Oh

So-ra is a teenage girl dealing with school and heartbreak under the watchful eye of her single mother, who makes and sells danpatjuk (red bean soup).


Animation, 6 mins, South Korea

Dir/Writ/Prod: Seo-ro Oh

A colourful animation that examines in great detail the action of sneezing.

몸 값

Drama, 14 mins, South Korea

Dir/Writ: Chung-hyun Lee

Prod: Dong-ha Kim

A man meets a teenage girl in a hotel room for a sexual encounter. It’s not what he expects.

통일전야 – 어느 저녁 식사
(The Eve of Unification)

Comedy, 14 mins, South Korea

Dir/Writ/Prod: Sung Yoon Kim

On the eve of reunification of North and South Korea, family members gather for dinner and unexpected opinions come to light.

(Almond: My Voice is Breaking)

Coming of age, 15 mins, South Korea

Dir/Writ/Prod: Joonho Park

A coming-of-age story about a teenage boy who finds himself in danger of demotion from the choir due to his changing voice.

(Deer Flower)

Animation, 8 mins, South Korea

Dir/Writ: Kangmin Kim

Prod: Castledine Productions

In this colourful animation a boy’s parents take him to a farm, believing it will strengthen their son’s body. Dujung suffers side effects.


Auckland Central – Rialto Cinemas Newmarket

Wed 10 Oct

6:30 pm
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**Tickets include a glass of wine before screening and a Q&A with filmmakers after

Sun 14 Oct

3:30 pm
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Wed 17 Oct

2:30 pm
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Christchurch – Alice

Sun 21 Oct

1:00 pm
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Stewart Island – Bunkhouse Theatre

Wed 9 Jan

7:30 pm

Wellington CBD – Light House Cuba

Wed 17 Oct

6:30 pm
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**Tickets include a glass of wine before screening and a Q&A with filmmakers after

Mon 22 Oct

6:30 pm
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