Japanese Focus

The seven short films in this collection explore the lives of modern Japanese. What are their concerns, fears, hopes and dreams? We delve into a variety of topics with animated goats, a comedic search for coins, an obsession with beards, a comic book come to life, a twisted fairy tale, and a documentary about sumo-wrestling women. The movies demonstrate a wide breadth of new filmmaking talent in Japan’s creative sector.

Estimated total run time: 103 minutes.
Rating: M Sexual abuse themes, sexual themes & content that may disturb. Contact your cinema for details.


Comedy, 13 mins, Japan

Dir/Writ: Toshiharu Yaegashi

Prod: Tatsuo Ito

A captivating homeless man searches vigorously for coins under vending machines on a busy street.

(The Broom)

Drama, 14 mins, Japan

Dir/Writ: Yo Kohatsu

Writ: Fukino Kawate

Prod: Ayumi Kondo, Yuya Natsui

A woman returns to her childhood home to announce her pregnancy. Her mother is delighted, but her father reacts bluntly. The next morning, she finds a handmade broom by her bedside.

(Little Miss Sumo)

Documentary, 19 mins, Japan/UK

Dir: Matt Kay

Prod: Didi Mae Hand, Andrew Carver

Female sumo wrestlers are forbidden from competing professionally. Women’s champion Hiyori confronts obstacles both inside and outside the ring in an attempt to change Japan’s national sport.


World Premiere

Documentary, 15 mins, Japan

Dir: Fuyuko Mochizuki

Prod: Yusaku Kanagawa, Josh Povec

Within Japan’s Tokara Archipelago lies the remote island of Akuseki. It’s home to 83 residents, and one mysterious visiting deity called Boze.

(Beard and Raincoat)

Drama, 12 mins, Japan

Dir/Writ: Kimi Yawata

Prod: Sunao Nonaka

When high-school girl Kanako touches her boyfriend’s brother’s beard, she can’t get that feeling out of her head. It’s as if it is burned into her mind and body.

(My Little Goat)

Fantasy, 11 mins, Japan

Dir: Tomoki Misato

Prod: Yuichi Ito

A mother goat rescues her little goats from the wolf’s belly. But she can’t find Toruku, her eldest son! Where is Toruku?!


Science fiction, 19 mins, Japan/USA

Dir/Writ: Kai Hasson

Writ: Josh Hallman

Prod: Kenji C Green, Elyse Preiss

Rob is on a four-day quest to find the second issue of his favourite Japanese comic book. His journey introduces him to the world of manga and brings it to life around him.


Auckland Central – Rialto Cinemas Newmarket

Wed 9 Oct

5:45 pm
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Sat 12 Oct

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Christchurch – Alice

Sun 20 Oct

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Wed 16 Oct

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