Our feelings about the word homeland have a special charge. It’s more than where we live, but a part of us we carry around, shaping who we are. So when we’re homesick, we can feel a physical pain or emptiness. The characters in these short films are all very different: astronauts, explorers, a shepherd, a mother, and a lovesick coffee table. Some of them are far from home, others are trying to create or maintain one, or get back to theirs. The thing they have in common is a deep yearning for the warm hearth of their homeland.

Estimated total run time: 95 minutes.
Rated M for offensive language and sexual references.


Sci-fi, 16 mins, NZ

Dir: Damon Duncan

Writ: Hugh Calveley

Prod: Luke Robinson

Eade is a 14yr-old girl returning to Earth on the spaceship Cradle when an explosion cripples the spacecraft and injures her dad. She must try to outwit the computer that refuses to perform the operation needed to save his life.

Zero M2

Drama, 19 mins, France (NZ premiere)

Dir/Writ: Matthieu Landour

Writ: Nicolas Bovorasmy

Prod: Pierre-Emmanuel Fleurantin, Laurent Baujard

After a series of unsuccessful flat-hunts in Paris, Paul finally moves into a nice affordable studio. He soon notices something amiss with his neighbours´strange behaviours and dubious noises during the night.

Ha the Unclear – Secret Lives of Furniture

Music video, 4 mins, NZ

Dir: Simon Oliver

Prod: Sadie Wilson

An entire lounge of furniture comes to life in this inventive music video about a coffee table infatuated with its owner.

In The Distance

Drama, 8 mins, Germany (NZ premiere)

Dir/Writ: Florian Grolig

It’s calm and peaceful above the clouds in this serene animation observing a man living isolated at the top of a tall building. But in the distance is war, and night by night the chaos advances.

Parvaneha (Butterflies)

Drama, 3 mins, Iran (world premiere)

Dir/Writ/Prod: Adnan Zandi

Any mother can relate to this short story of an Iranian woman searching for somewhere private to feed her hungry baby.

9 Chemin des Gauchoirs

Animation, 13 mins, France (NZ premiere)

Dir/Writ: Lyonel Charmette

Prod: Jean-François Sarazin

A shepherd follows a wayward goat onto a mysterious cable car, where each carriage has been converted into an elaborate room from a house. Where are the owners?


Sci-fi, 20 mins, USA (world premiere)

Dir/Writ: Tom Teller

Writ: Andrew Guastaferro

Prod: Michelle Evans

When a Mars colony comms satellite is damaged, Emilia Riley embarks on a seemingly harmless repair excursion. A shuttle malfunction cuts connectivity to the ground and Chris, her son, makes the knee-jerk decision to go after her.


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