Bump in the Night

It’s not easy to scare or shock with a short film. We don’t get creeped out very easily. If you’re up for a fright or enjoy being sunk into a sinister world created from the imagination of top filmmakers, this is the place. These short films are darkly impressive, tapping into our fears both real and imagined.

Estimated total run time: 88 minutes.
Rated R13 for violence, horror, offensive language & content that may disturb.

No Caller I.D.

Horror, 9 mins, NZ (NZ premiere)

Dir/Writ/Prod: Guy Pigden

Prod: Harley Neville

A young woman receives a mysterious call in the night. After several strange events, she realises that she is not alone and that she may be in grave danger.

Wandering Soul

Horror, 13 mins, Australia (NZ premiere)

Dir/Writ: Josh Tanner

Writ/Prod: Jade van der Lei

A Viet Cong soldier stationed in the claustrophobic tunnels of Cu Chi during the Vietnam War finds himself haunted by the ghost of a fallen comrade after the burial ceremony is compromised.

Sheep, Dog & Wolf – Breathe

Music video, 6 mins, NZ


Prod: Anna Duckworth, Meredith Rehburg, Mickey Finis, Alix Whittaker

The oppressive feeling of not being able to breathe is captured in this visually engaging music video.


Thriller, 7 mins, NZ (world premiere)

Dir/Writ/Prod: Lucy Timmins

All he wants is forgiveness from his girlfriend, but there are some things you can never come back from.


Drama, 12 mins, NZ/Australia (NZ premiere)

Dir/Writ/Prod: Niamh Peren

In the sweeping rural landscape of Central Otago, a group of teenagers on a hunting trip turn violent.


Sci-fi , 20 mins, USA (World premiere)

Dir: Brett Foxwell

This ambitious stop-motion animated short film, ten years in the making, is a journey through a darkly fantastic alien world which was once our own.


Horror, 17 mins, NZ

Dir: Christain Rivers

Writ: Guy McDouall

Prod: Mhairead Connor

A songwriter must decide what lines he’s willing to cross when a dark entity starts providing him with inspiration in exchange for an ever-increasing price.


Animation, 6 mins, NZ

Dir/Writ: Matasila Freshwater

Prod: Thomas Coppell

In a dystopic New Zealand future, the struggle for food and resources inspires a peculiar scientist to venture into the night and procure a new food source.


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