Battling Your Demons

Sometimes the real battle is with yourself. We’ve all got our own challenges, but it’s how we deal with them that really defines us. The characters in these films have lost identity, respect, love, innocence, sanity, passion or freedom. But they are tackling life head-on and they inspire us to do the same.

Estimated total run time: 97 minutes.
R13 Violence & offensive language. Contact your cinema for details.

Run Rabbit

Drama, 19 mins, New Zealand

Dir/Writ: Robyn Paterson

Prod: Paula Boock

Having lost almost everything he has known, a young refugee begins his future in a provincial New Zealand town.

One Day

World Premiere

Drama, 14 mins, New Zealand

Dir/Writ: Nicky Cameron

Prod: Dave Cameron

A intimate portrait of a young mother who becomes trapped in her bathroom battling an uncontrollable attack of OCD.


Fantasy, 18 mins, United Kingdom

Dir/Writ: Leonora Lonsdale

Writ: Jack Sidey

Prod: Jack Sidey, Sophie Reynolds

In this gothic fairytale, starring Billie Piper, 7 year-old Alice begins to question who she really is when she finds out her father’s become a beast.

Cloud Nine – Madly

Music video, 3 mins, New Zealand

Dir: Eddy Fifield

In this music video for Madly’s infectious track `Cloud Nine’, a man’s paranoia and anxiety is projected externally into the world around him.

Panta Rhei

Animation, 10 mins, Belgium

Dir: Wouter Bongaerts

Prod: Karim Rhellam

In this compelling animation a marine biologist, who studies beached whales, flees the ocean. But water in the form of floods, leaking faucets and endless rain keeps seeping back into his life.

The Brother

Thriller, 14 mins, New Zealand

Dir/Writ: Summer Agnew

Prod: Dan Higgins, Matt Noonan, Stephan Fruth

Tensions rise on a hunting trip for two brothers. The higher they climb into mountainous terrain the closer they get to the truth.

Wren Boys

Drama, 11 mins, United Kingdom

Dir/Writ: Harry Lighton

Writ: John Fitzpatrick

Prod: Sorcha Bacon

On the day after Christmas, a Catholic priest from Cork drives his nephew to prison.

Carlotta’s Face

Animation, 5 mins, Germany

Dir/Writ: Valentin Riedl, Frédéric Schuld

Prod: Fabian Driehorst

Carlotta doesn’t recognise her own face, or those of people around her. She has a rare, untreatable brain deficit.


Auckland Central – Rialto Cinemas Newmarket

Tue 9 Oct

2:30 pm
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Thu 11 Oct

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Mon 15 Oct

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Christchurch – Alice

Mon 22 Oct

6:30 pm
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Stewart Island – Bunkhouse Theatre

Wed 16 Jan

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Wellington CBD – Light House Cuba

Sun 14 Oct

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