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People’s Choice award winner 2017


Congratulations to the team behind The World in Your Window, who are the winners of our WatchMe People’s Choice Award.

Hundreds of votes were cast by audience members who attended screenings across New Zealand.

Kiwi director Zoe McIntosh’s beautiful tale of a young boy helping his grief-stricken father reconnect with life has shown how well this story connects with viewers. The story is heart-felt, tender and beautifully crafted.

Prizes include $1,500 cash, an engraved bronze badge, a copy of Final Draft screenwriting software and a bottle of Opawa wine.

McIntosh was earlier awarded the DEGNZ Best Director award at Show Me Shorts Film Festival. Her film was produced by Hamish Mortland, and co-written with Costa Botes. There are a lot of talented film creatives involved in the project, and we hope to see more work from them all in future.

Your last chance to see The World in Your Window will be in Stewart Island where the full Show Me Shorts programme is running in January.