past winners and finalists

If you’re curious to see which films won awards in previous years, here they are:

best film award, 2008

Winner: Noise Control by The Simmonds BrothersNoise Control

atlab best technical contribution, 2008

Winner: Take 3 by Roseanne LiangTake3

best student film, 2008

Winner: Animal Instincts, Cameron Edser and Michael Richards (also runner up for best film)Animal Instincts

Runner Up: Calici: A Rural Conspiracy by Claudia BabiratCalici

panavision special jury prize, 2008

Winner: Serial Killer by Bruno du Bois (also runner up for best film)Serial KillerRunner up: Betty Banned Sweets by Michelle Savill

best film award, 2007

Winner: A Very Nice Honeymoon by The Simmonds Brothers

best student film, 2007

Winner: Embers by Chris Payne


runner up for best film
winner of Atlab Best Technical Contribution
(Richard Harling for cinematography)


Runners up: Paper City Architects by Daniel Agdag…and…PaperCityArchitects

…The Shomer by Anton BlajerTheShomer

atlab best technical contribution, 2007

Runner-up: Cinematographer David Paul for Shadow Over The SunShadowOverTheSun

panavision special jury prize, 2007

Winner: Art Director John Harding for The King BoysTheKingBoys

Runner up: Art Director Grant Major for Dead LettersDeadLetters

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