The Education of Ming Ming

New Lightbox platform for Show Me Shorts films

Still from “The Education of Ming Ming”, one of the Kiwi shorts included in the new Lightbox viewing service.


New Zealanders have always been prolific and skillful storytellers. Now many of those narratives get a much wider local platform with the news that Lightbox has become a principal sponsor of Show Me Shorts Film Festival and naming rights sponsor of the Lightbox Best Film Award.

The agreement delivers 65 festival-quality local short films to thousands of Lightbox viewers who have embraced the concept of “anywhere, anytime” online television.

Lightbox CEO Kym Niblock says the alignment is big news for the service and its customers, and supports the service’s drive to provide quality local content alongside its top-rated international TV shows.

“At Lightbox we love local and we are enormously proud to fulfill our intention to get behind local productions, both television and now film through the Show Me Shorts sponsorship.

“We believe it’s extremely important for New Zealanders to have access to local stories and New Zealand-produced film. Kiwis are great storytellers and film helps us maintain that storytelling heritage.

“So for the first time the wider population now gains access to a huge back catalogue of New Zealand short films. Many of them tell the story of how our nation was shaped through great wars, depression, huge victories and famous events. Others tell of who we are as a people and where we come from, and some simply celebrate our Kiwi idiosyncrasies,” Ms Niblock says.

Each year Show Me Shorts curates a festival of the 40 best films, which are played in cinemas throughout New Zealand. The programme covers a diverse range of themes and subjects, including horror, drama, animation, comedy and everything in between.

Lightbox has access to a curated selection of highlights from the catalogue and the films will be released in batches on the online television service.

Show Me Shorts Festival Director Gina Dellabarca says, “We are thrilled to be working with Lightbox. The collections they are showcasing include many of New Zealand’s top shorts film, which are on par with best in the world.

“We’re excited to be able to share them with New Zealanders through the Lightbox platform. Just as TV has easily transformed itself into the ‘anywhere, anytime’ format, we believe short films can do that too.”

“We’re a local service and we always promised we would deliver a strong offering of local content. With the Show Me Shorts alignment, we are delivering on that assurance,” said Ms Niblock.

The following short films from the Show Me Shorts back catalogue are live on Lightbox from 1 October 2015, with the remaining titles going live on the service over the coming weeks.

  • Queenie – 2014
  • Snowmen – 2014
  • Damien – 2014
  • Coconut – 2014
  • Uphill – 2014
  • Loner – 2014
  • Loser Cruiser – 2014
  • Whisker – 2014
  • In the Rubbish Tin – 2014
  • Sounds Perfect – 2014
  • Eleven – 2014
  • Mis-drop – 2014
  • The Light Harvester – 2014
  • Ross and Beth – 2014
  • I’m Going To Mum’s – 2013
  • Dangerous Ride – 2013
  • Here Be Monsters – 2013
  • Airmail – 2013
  • Serve and Protect – 2013
  • The Education of Ming Ming – 2013
  • Whakatiki – 2013
  • The Present – 2013
  • The Dump – 2012
  • Hitch Hike – 2012
  • Abiogenesis – 2012
  • The F.E.U.C – 2012
  • Tatau – 2012
  • Sonny; My Older Brother – 2012
  • Lambs – 2012
  • Roy – 2012
  • 50% Off Mail Order Bride – 2012

Click here to watch the Show Me Shorts films on the Lightbox service. You can also sign up for a free one-month trial to the service.