Major Cash Prizes Announced!

Show Me Shorts is proud to announce our prizes for the 2013 Awards. The big news is cash! Lots of lovely cash!

$7,000 will be given out in prize money at our awards this year, taking the total prize value to over $35,000.
We have some wonderful new award sponsors to welcome to the Show Me Shorts family – Rush Munro’s, RPM Pictures and Mexicali Fresh. The winner of the Rush Munro’s Best Film Award will now take away $2,500 cash as part of their total prize package. $1,500 will be awarded to the winner of the inaugural RPM Pictures Best Colourist Award. The winners of the Mexicali Fresh Best Student Film Award and the NZFC Special Jury Prize will each also receive $1,500.

Festival Director Gina Dellabarca says, “Acknowledging filmmakers who achieve excellence and celebrating short film is what we’re all about. We want to reward them for their hard work too, and there’s nothing that does this like cash.”

Products and services on offer to winners this year include $10,000 worth of camera gear rental from Panavision, mentoring from a SDGNZ director, $5,000 gear rental from Rubber Monkey and $10,000 professional VFX work from Cause FX. Subscriptions to StarNow talent agency, OnFilm magazine and ScreenHub industry news site are also included.

The full list of awards and prizes is here.

Show Me Shorts is still short of funds though. We are trying to raise prize money for one final cash prize. A PledgeMe crowd-source fundraising initiative is active until the end of this month. The ‘Show Short Film Makers the Love’ campaign aims to raise $10,000. Half of this will become a cash prize for the winner of a new People’s Choice award, and the remainder after fees and reward costs are deducted will be used to help deliver the festival, opening night and education programmes.

The most popular rewards for pledging to the campaign so far have been tickets to the festival and DVDs. There are still three coffee meetings remaining with last year’s Academy Awards® qualifying Best Film Award winner Zia Mandviwalla, plus the chance to ‘Spotlight My Short’ by having a short film featured in the Screening Room online blog, which is syndicated at

The festival gets nothing (and donors pay nothing) if we don’t reach our $10,000 target by the end of September – so get involved and make a pledge now at