Launching PledgeMe Campaign for People’s Choice Award!

The Show Me Shorts team has launched a campaign to crowd-fund a brand new People’s Choice award, to be given out at the festival this year.

You’ve been telling us you want to vote for your favourite short during the festival. Now you can! But first we need to raise some prize money.

Our ‘Show Short-Film Makers The Love‘ fundraising campaign aims to raise $10,000. Half of this will become a cash prize for the winner of the People’s Choice award, and the remainder will be used by the charitable trust that runs the festival and awards for its operating expenses.

Festival Director Gina Dellabarca says, “The team and I had a lot of fun figuring out what kind of rewards you all would like in exchange for pledges. I hope you will get involved, and choose some of the great gifts we have on offer in exchange for contributing.”

Rewards for pledging to the campaign include movie tickets, DVDs, coffee with last year’s Best Film award winner Zia Mandviwalla, the chance to attend the Rialto Channel Wellington Opening Night event, and an exclusive private short film screening. So help us support short-film makers! Click on the link and Show Short-Film Makers The Love! Make a pledge here.