Screenwriting Lab

The Show Me Shorts Screenwriting Lab is aimed at aspiring screenwriters who have already undertaken some training and written multiple scripts. They may or may not have had some of these made into films, but they should have a solid understanding of their craft. We aim to identify new and compelling voices, and give them guidance to help them develop their careers and connect in with the industry as they work on their script.

About the Lab

Show Me Shorts Screenwriting Lab is a hothouse mentoring scheme for screenwriters and aspiring screenwriters to workshop new ideas for short film. This Lab is an extension of the previous version we have been running since 2010. It includes a full-day workshop with intensive feedback sessions and mentoring, plus follow-up sessions with a mentor who will guide each participant through the development of their script for up to one year.

The Lab is free to attend, but applications cost $20. It will take place in Auckland on 22 February 2020. We offers places for six local and two international short film makers to develop their short film concepts and scripts with the guidance and advice of experienced industry mentors. Travel costs are the responsibility of the selected participants. Applications for the 2021 Lab will open in September when the Show Me Shorts Film Festival programme launches.

“I felt very to have such great mentors.  I had very rewarding feedback and constructive thoughts .” – Nicholas Riini, Screenwriting Lab participant 2020

Past mentors include: Hamish Bennett (Bellbird, Ross & Beth), Shuchi Kothari (Coffee & Allah, Apron Strings), Zia Mandviwalla (Night Shift, Eating Sausage, Amadi), Grant Lahood (Singing Trophy, Lemming Aid, Snail’s Pace) and James Cunningham (Poppy, Accidents, Blunders & Calamities).

Previous participants have described the interactive workshop as “inspiring” and “invaluable”, and many projects have gone on to be funded and produced. Films developed with the assistance of the Lab (or its initial version, run in collaboration with Script to Screen) have premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival (I’m Going to Mum’s), Melbourne International Film Festival (Daniel), NZ International Film Festival (Memory Foam, Tree) and Show Me Shorts (Charmer, Zinzan, Baby?).

If you have questions about the Lab please contact us.

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