Show Me Shorts in Schools kit

The popularity of short films with children and young people, their convenient length and their richness as a media text make them a great resource for education professionals to use as a teaching aid. The Show Me Shorts in Schools kit provides students and teachers with an educational framework through which to explore New Zealand short films and the wider themes they address. The kit is available as a DVD & printed booklet, online subscription & digital PDF and a combination of both.

For more info on the resources and lesson plans included, please see below the provided purchase options.

The short films included are all local productions which have received wide critical acclaim in NZ and internationally, earning over 30 awards in total. The films included are: Abiogenesis, Six Dollar Fifty Man, I’m Going to Mum’s, Day Trip, Koro’s Medal, Mokopuna, Noise Control, One Shoe Short and Just Like the Others


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Three purchase options are available:

  • DVD & booklet kit

    This kit includes a printed copy of the 33 page, full colour resources and a DVD of the nine NZ short films it covers. Deliveries should be expected within 10 working days of order. Payment options include credit card (via PayPal), NZ bank deposit, and invoice on delivery. Available while supplies last.

    Price: NZD $80 + gst + $10 shipping ($102 total)


  • Online subscription & e-booklet kit

    This kit includes instant unlimited access to all nine films for one year via our Vimeo streaming collection. A digital PDF e-booklet of the resources (~1.5 Mb) will be sent to the email address you provide within two working days. Payment is by credit card through Vimeo.

    Price: NZD $80 + gst ($92 total)*

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  • DVD & Online combo kit

    For more flexibility, you can purchase both the physical DVD & booklet and the online subscription & e-booklet versions of the kit as a discounted package. You’ll be emailed the digital e-booklet and an online subscription code within two working days, with the DVD and booklet package to follow within 10 working days. As above, the streaming video subscription gives you unlimited screenings for one year. Payment options include credit card (via PayPal), NZ bank transfer and invoice on delivery. Available while supplies last.

    Price: NZD $110 + gst + $10 shipping ($136.50 total)


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Designed for NZ primary and intermediate classrooms

The nine New Zealand short films included have been carefully curated by Show Me Shorts Film Festival to be both engaging and age-appropriate for primary and intermediate level students. The resources and teaching exercises for each film have been actively developed with teaching professionals and include four lesson plans for each short film, as well as background info on the film and its creation.

Each lesson takes 30–45 minutes to explore aspects of theme, character, narrative or key competencies. The learning goals, most suitable for children aged ~12 years, have been taken from the English curriculum, with lessons integrating literacy, key competencies and developing students’ thinking skills.

National Standards require teachers to ensure their students can demonstrate skills in a variety of settings. Short films provide an enjoyable and accessible context for students to provide evidence of this. In an already crowded curriculum, the integrated approach of this resource gives an opportunity to make meaningful use of short films as a teaching tool.

The resources for each film include background information, four lesson plans and options for individual, group and class-wide activities

The resources for each film include background information, four lesson plans and options for individual, group and class-wide activities. Thumbnails of the resources for the 2008 docu-mation “Noise Control” pictured

How to use the Show Me Shorts in Schools kit

For each film in the kit, there are four lessons that should each take 30–45 minutes to complete in class, making it suitable for use over a week. Through the week the students may view the film several times, focusing on different aspects each time. The lessons will help them to understand the many layers involved in the art of making a short film.

Activities will be identified as intended for completing independently, in small groups, or as a whole class.

These lessons are designed to support classroom teachers in meaningful exploration of short films. We encourage you to experiment with the lessons and activities, and adapt them to maximise learning based on the specific needs of your students.

Each film includes four lesson sequences:

  • Exploring Themes:

    After the first viewing of the film, we will explore the key theme presented to us. There are often multiple themes through the film, but we will select one and focus on how that theme is shown through the art of the short film.

  • Exploring Character:

    In the second viewing of the film, and subsequent lesson, we explore the characters of the film. This gives us the opportunity to discuss their choices throughout the film and how their thoughts, feelings, words and actions give us a picture of what the character is experiencing, and how the filmmaker chooses to present this to us.

  • Exploring Narrative:

    We look at the short film as an alternative method of storytelling in this lesson, working to understand the story and why it was told as it was. This lesson has useful links to the narratives we explore in reading and writing.

  • Exploring the Key Competencies:

    Using the context provided by the short film, we will explore one of the five key competencies, thinking about how it was shown on screen and how we use this key competency in our own lives.

If you have any further questions about the Show Me Shorts in Schools kit or other ways to incorporate short films into your classroom, please contact us at