Show Me Shorts goes on tour to Melbourne!

Show Me Shorts will present a package of short films in Melbourne this October. Federation Square have invited the festival to curate a selection of short films as part of their 10th birthday celebrations.

Where: Big Screen, Main Square

  • Thursday 25 October, 8pm – 9pm
  • Sunday 28 October, 4pm – 5pm

Price: Free!

Festival Director, Gina Dellabarca, says:
“We have worked with Federation Square before, and it’s great to be invited back.  We’ll be screening all our Best Film winning short films from the last six years. We’re really excited about this opportunity and love the idea of taking it on tour. It’s also great to be able to highlight our Best Film winners in this way. They really are outstanding short films, so it’s a pleasure to find more opportunities to screen them.”

Included in the “Best of Show Me Shorts” films are:

The Great Barrier

Dir. Jack Woon, 10 mins, NZ, Rating: PG, Romance
In a final chance encounter, a young man struggles to close the distance between him and the love of his high school life.

This is Her

Dir. Katie Woolf, 12 mins, NZ, Rating: M, Comedy
Evie’s deliciously wry commentary reveals exactly what life has in store for her new baby daughter, her loving husband – and the six-year-old ‘bitch’ who will one day steal his affections and destroy Evie’s life.


Just Like the Others

Dir. Jackie van Beek, 10 mins, NZ, Rating: G, Drama
Calvin lives in a council flat with his Mum, Grandma and two little brothers. He wants to fit in with the other kids on the estate but he can’t afford an iPod.

Noise Control

Dir. Jeff & Phill Simmonds,11 mins, NZ, Rating: G,Documation
A local kindergarten’s pet rooster is shot by the council’s noise control officer for crowing through the night.


A Very Nice Honeymoon

Dir.Jeff & Phill Simmonds, 10 mins, NZ, Rating: G,Documation
A true story about the filmmakers’ great grandparents Mariano & Elizabeth Vella who were on the steamer SS Wairarapa when it was wrecked on the coast of Great Barrier Island in NZ in 1893.


Dir. Tony Mahony Prod. Jannine Barnes, 9 mins, Aus, Rating: PG, Drama
A little kid is stranded, growing up in a country town he hates. The locals reckon it’s a paradise, but as far as he can see, the only interesting stuff happens to a guy the whole town dismisses as a f***wit… Ray.