Family Bonds

You’ve probably heard of the famous saying; blood is thicker than water. Nothing closer than family. There’s something about familial bonds that has us going above and beyond for the people close to us, no matter what.

These three short films examine that idea, and ask the question: what are you willing to do for the people you love? They show the relationship between a child and their mother, father, and grandmother, both in light-hearted and heart-breaking ways.

La Madré Buena

This light-hearted Mexican short film La Madré Buena, translated as ‘The Good Mother’, is filled with humour and charm.

Director Sarah Clift tells the story of a Mexican mother who dislikes Donald Drumpf, but her only son’s wish is for a Donald Drumpf pinata for his birthday party.  Not wanting to disappoint your child is a universal feeling that many parent’s can relate to, and Clift shows the mother’s struggle in a comedic and heart-felt way.

The wall

In this touching animated short film, Australian directors Nick Baker and Tristan Klein show a loving grandmother dedicated to have her grandson escape a tall, endless wall that appears in their city one day.

The narration by David Wenham paired with the animation elevates the story as we see the grandmother sacrificing parts of herself for meager things in the desperate hope that they might help her son get over the wall.


Tuesday directed by Oscar Lalo is an excellent story that will leave your heart broken by the end of it. This Swedish short film tells the story of a father who is visited by his daughter for four days every month. Tension builds from a call that awaits the father.

Oscar Lalo and Liv Southard give heartfelt and tender performances in this story.  This seemingly straight-forward film is a great example of building tension as well as successfully pulling off a plot twist, revealing the lengths that the father has gone for the daughter. The film tells you: not everything is what it seems.