Short Film Talks

Find out more about short film making from three top filmmakers as they each screen a film and tell us how they made it.

A range of topics will be covered in this facilitated Q&A, such as: finding collaborators; funding and budgeting; script development; challenges for directors; post-production; and other tips for aspiring filmmakers. Everyone is welcome, whether you’ve already made heaps of films or are just curious to learn more about what goes on behind the scenes.

“Show Me Shorts has been a way for me to experience upcoming NZ cinema at its youthful energetic start. Experiencing stories that have inspired me to continue my own NZ cinematic pursuits. The Short Film Talks are a large part of this inspiration.” – Leigh Elford, audience member

Auckland Short Film Talk 2020

The filmmakers and films will be:

  • Writer/Director/Actor Harry McNaughton, The Trick
  • Director Zoey Zhao and Writer Malinna Liang, Foods for Coping
  • Writer/Director Hannah Marshall, Frankie Jean and the Morning Star

When:  7pm, Tuesday 6 October

Where: The Kingslander, 470 New North Road, Kingsland, Auckland

Tickets: $15


Wellington Short Film Talk 2020

The filmmakers and films will be:

  • Director Bruno du Bois, Zealandia
  • Producer Libby Hakaraia, Aitu
  • Writer/Director Finnius Teppett, Democracy

When: 6:30pm, Tuesday 13 October

Where: Lighthouse Cinema Cuba, 29 Wigan Street, Te Aro, Wellington

Tickets: $12-17