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Meet the Festivals

An online panel discussion with respected distributors and programmers from some of the best short film festivals in the world.

What are the top international short film festivals looking for? How can you best get them to notice your short film? Listen in and have the opportunity to ask questions about how the international marketplace works, what kind of short films are being sought, and how to avoid common mistakes.


  • Enrico Vannucci, Venice Film Festival
  • Philp Ilson, London Short Film Festival
  • Katie McCullough, Festival Formula
  • Jasmin McSweeney, NZFC

This moderated panel discussion will be conducted on Zoom. Tickets are available to people in New Zealand as well as anywhere in the world. An invitation with instructions will be emailed out to all ticket holders. The discussion will also be recorded as a video and shared with ticket holders afterwards.

When: 8:00–9:00 pm, Thursday 15 October
Where: Online
Tickets: $15.00