Join us for a screening of 9 The Movie, by Canadian writer/director Stéphane E. Roy, and stay for his Masterclass.

In 9 The Movie, nine interlinked short films are woven together to create an award-winning satirical comedy film about an alleged communication guru.

During the Masterclass, Stéphane E. Roy will give a detailed presentation about how he produced a coherent collective film by combining short films from different directors. This candid presentation will include learnings and practical advice for aspiring filmmakers.

When: 1-3:30pm Sunday 29 October

Where: Rialto Cinemas Newmarket, 167–169 Broadway, Newmarket, Auckland

Tickets: $11–$17.50 from rialto.co.nz

About Stéphane E. Roy

Stéphane E. Roy studied drama at the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) after completing movie studies at the college level.

Acting and comedy

Stéphane E. Roy was part of the comedy group Les Bizarroïdes from 1990 to 2000. In 1991, he founded the Montreal Improvisation League, an experimental improvised comedy troupe.

In 2001, he founded Les Cabarets Littéraires – Les Auteurs Du Dimanche, which he co-hosted for 6 years, where authors composed and read a text on an imposed theme. From 2002 to 2012 he played the main role of Sylvain Desjardins in the television success Caméra Café. In 2012-2013 he played the role of Martin in the romantic comedy: They loved each other.

On television, he has appeared in numerous television series, such as Caméra Café, Cauchemar d’amour, Le Plateau, Max Inc., Ooops!, Réal-IT and Les Bougon.

Writing and directing

Stéphane E. Roy has written more than a dozen plays for the theatre. Successes include Mars and Venus, Me, Myself and myself, They have loved and The Capitulation.

In 2008, we can see his work as a director in a comedy series with the duo Ben and Jarrod, broadcast at Super Écran. He co-wrote and starred in the film Le Cas Roberge alongside Sébastien Benoît, Jean- Michel Dufaux and Benoît Roberge.

In 2009, for Canal D, he directed eight humorous programs of one hour with the duo Ben and Jarrod.

In 2010, he received two nominations in the category Best Humorous Series at the Quebec Association of the Recording, Show and Video Industry (ADISQ) and at the Gala des Oliviers, for his work as director on The Time of a Soft.

In 2013, he published Mars and Venus, the interactive play at Dramaturges publisher.

In 2016, he directed, directed and co-written 9 The Movie, the cinematographic adaptation of his play Nine Variations on the Void, with nine other directors: Ricardo Trogi, Erik Canuel, Micheline Lanctot, Marc Labrèche, Luc Picard, Éric Tessier , Jean-Philippe Duval and Claude Brie1. The film won the Audience Award in Cannes, at the 9th Cannes Quebec Film Festival.