Christchurch Opening Night 0259

Christchurch Opening Night

Show Me Shorts launches our Christchurch season with a specially curated selection of Christchurch-centric films, world premieres and a few special treats. Meet local filmmakers and hear from the festival team as they introduce the night. The programme screens twice with a drinks reception in between.

Time & Date: 6:00 & 8:30 pm, Thursday 7 October. Drinks 7:45 pm.
Location: Alice (209 Tuam Street, Christchurch)
Price: $25.00 (includes a glass of wine) from
Rating: R13 Domestic violence, offensive language & content that may disturb.



Christchurch Opening Night:

Total length: 93 mins

Rating: R13 Domestic violence, offensive language & content that may disturb.


Drama, 20 mins, New Zealand
Dir/Writ: Kaitiaki Rodger

Drama, 5 mins, New Zealand
Dir/Writ/Prod: Celia Jaspers

Thriller, 20 mins, Switzerland
Dir/Writ: Julian M. Grünthal

Strangers – Ha the Unclear
Music Video, 4 mins, New Zealand
Dir: Vision Thing

Bear With Me
Drama, 12 mins, New Zealand
Dir/Writ: Nick McLean

Drama, 20 mins, Japan
Dir/Writ: SABU

Derniere Station (Last Stop)
Thriller, 9 mins, France
Dir/Writ/Prod: Pierre Ferriere

My Ex Boyfriend
Animation, 3 mins, Sweden
Dir/Writ/Prod: Cissi Efraimsson