EuroTeens Short Film Night

Show Me Shorts and the Goethe-Institut present a collection of nine European short films specially curated for teenagers in collaboration with Kuki Young Short Film Festival Berlin.
The vibrant films are full of energy, animation, satire, and thoughtful observations about the world. They offer a glimpse into the lives, preoccupations and views of European teens.

  1. AlieNation directed by Laura Lehmus (Germany)
  2. Jupiter directed by Benjamin Pfohl, (Germany)
  3. Swêdî directed by Sosi Chamoun (Sweden)
  4. Kollegen (Good German Work) directed by Jannis A. Kiefer (Germany)
  5. Megatrick directed by Anne Isensee (Germany)
  6. Hot Dog directed by Alma Buddecke & Marleen Mayr (Germany)
  7. Love And Theft directed by Andreas Hykade (Germany)
  8. Cocodrilo directed by Jorge Yúdice (Spain)
  9. Cool Unicorn Bruv directed by Ninian Doff (UK)

These are informal and fun events that will be introduced by Harley from the Show Me Shorts team. All are welcome – adults included!


Auckland: 2pm Sunday 1 May at The Vic, 48 Victoria Road, Devonport

Book Auckland tickets here


Christchurch: 4:30pm Saturday 7 May at Alice, 209 Tuam Street, Christchurch.

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Wellington: 5pm Sunday 8 May at Light House Cuba, 29 Wigan Street, Te Aro.

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On Demand: 9am Tuesday 10 May to 9pm Wednesday 11 May at Show Me Shorts On Demand.

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Language: German, Swedish, Spanish & English (with English subtitles)

Run Time: approx 65-minutes

Rating: M Offensive language & sexual references

Thank you to Kuki Young Short Film Festival Berlin for providing the films.

Thank you to Goethe-Institut and Albert-Eden Local Board for supporting this project.