Entry Deadline Extended

Short filmmakers in Australasia have a reputation for striking images and technical excellence. The range of films that have come into the festival so far this year is demonstrative of bold story choices, and mastery of genre. We expect Show Me Shorts 2010 will showcase some exciting second and third films from our brightest filmmaking stars, complimented by engaging new works from first-time entrants.

Short filmmakers who haven’t yet entered can still do so. The deadline for this year has just been extended by a week, to Monday the 12th of July.

Show Me Shorts plays the 40 best Kiwi and Australian short films in cinemas nation wide every November. The films must be between three and 30 minutes long, and made within the last three years.

The winners of last year’s Show Me Shorts awards took home over $10,000 worth of prizes. Previous Best Film winning shorts have featured misfits (Ray), sunken ships (A Very Nice Honeymoon), animated chickens (Noise Control) and school children (Just Like the Others). Other popular films shined a light on shoe addiction, animal human hybrids, dating etiquette, possessed hamsters, pick-up artists and of course post-apocalyptic zombies.

For those looking for inspiration or just entertainment the ‘Best of Show Me Shorts’ DVD is available for sale at http://arklesentertainment.com/smsnz/.