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Today more than ever, independent filmmakers need support and community to develop their work and connect with audiences.

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At Show Me Shorts, we love filmmakers. We love their creativity, aspirations, questions and how their stories bring us together. We love helping them get the global recognition they deserve. But to take their work and our festival to the next level we need you.

Your donation can help us achieve our crazy dream to become one of the best little film festivals in the world.

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With a your $10 monthly donation we can find more time to sell New Zealand short films abroad, we can put on a bigger and better festival here at home, and provide more workshops and resources for aspiring New Zealand filmmakers. Feel free to give more or just make a one-off donation too.

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You can read more about our aspirations, our history and who we are here.

The SMS team at the 2015 Opening Night and Awards Ceremony

The SMS team at the 2015 Opening Night and Awards Ceremony