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Coming of Age Short Films

Perhaps the most prolific and best loved genre for short films. Coming-of-age stories offer a glimpse into a pivotal moment in a character’s life. A tipping point that is both completely unique and infinitely relatable.

The moment could be brought on by an awkward first love, a crushing first heartbreak, a surprising loss of innocence, or discovering the newfound responsibilities that come with growing up. No matter which milestone, the bittersweet nostalgia that always goes hand-in-hand with coming-of-age stories inevitably stirs up big feelings.

Here we present three great short films which deliver on the coming-of-age genre.

Hot Seat

Contains nudity.

This light-hearted short film has a darker undertone. It captures the social hierarchies of all-female schools in a comedic manner, telling the story of Andrea who is struggling to be accepted by cool-girl Daphne at an 18th birthday party. Based on a true story, director Anna Kerrigan explores the relationships between teenage girls in a simple yet clever manner. In the first 90 seconds Kerrigan cleverly establishes the dynamic tension between characters in the film: When Andrea gives Daphne a friendship bracelet it is dismissed when a different girl produces a gift of a cigarette pack. This conveys Andrea’s low pecking order and relative innocence. Andrea’s desire to be deemed ‘cool’ is something we can all relate to.


Warning – contains violence.

This 90s coming-of-age tale follows a teenage boy amongst the new technology of cell phones, who realises his friends are not who he thought they were. Director Michael Milardo immerses the viewer in nostalgic 90s youth culture that is captured perfectly, making it seem like we were glancing back into the past and into someone’s childhood memories. Roam does a great job of showing us the power of technology, and the hold it has on us.



Directors Celine Held and Logan George tell us the story of fourteen-year-old Marie. She is struggling with feelings for her best friend, and stages an almost-perfect plan. This film does a wonderful job in showing the familiar feelings of unrequited love, suppressed desires, and teenage confusion. Like most short films, there isn’t a lot of dialogue, so the performances by Allegra Leguizamo & Sarah Lynne who play the two best friends are subtle but powerful, driving the narrative forward in every scene. Their acting shows the complex feelings of a relationship evolving, as they both struggle with their own feelings.