Screening Room


The Screening Room is a monthly feature in which a team member or special guest discusses a selection of shorts freely available online. These typically follow a theme, with past examples including filmmakers who have transitioned to features, surrealist shorts, and holiday films. Check back in at the beginning of each month for new editions or subscribe to our monthly e-newsletter to receive updates.

A Change of Season

As another New Zealand summer comes to an end, Show Me Shorts Film Festival volunteer Eleni takes a look at 6 shorts that highlight the external natural and internal emotional changes we experience with the seasons.

And the Oscar goes to…

With the 2013 Academy Awards now finished, Rebecca takes a look at a select few of the great short films that have either won or been nominated in the recent and more distant past.

European Flavour

As our Festival Director heads of to Europe to attend the Berinale and Clermont-Ferrand festivals, this month’s Screening Room will help us all feel a little bit like we are going to foreign places as well.

Tis the Season…

Kanna takes a look at 3 great Kiwi shorts that defy the classic tropes of Christmas films. From witty and sometimes dark animation to touching realistic drama, these are perfect for those already tired of hearing shopping mall holiday music.

Festival Preview

David discusses 6 trailers and clips from shorts that will be featuring as part of the programme in the 2012 Show Me Shorts Film Festival in locations throughout New Zealand.

Less is More

Festival volunteer Kanna takes a look at some short films that revolve as much around what is not shown as what is, allowing the audience space to ruminate and contemplate.

3 Short Docos

Our Festival Coordinator, Heidi, has a look at 3 short documentaries from around the world that focus on the joys and heartbreaking difficulties of following your passions.

The Romance of Death

Festival newcomer Meghan discusses some films that centre around that pervasive element in many films: death. But she manages to show how these films focus on the allure and romanticism surrounding the D word.

From Small Beginnings

Festival Director Gina explores some early shorts of Kiwi filmmakers Jane Campion and Paul Campion (no relation) that have gone on to transition to features. But these gems are more than just a stepping stone to the big leagues- they are worth a look in their own right.