Screening Room


The Screening Room is a monthly feature in which a team member or special guest discusses a selection of shorts freely available online. These typically follow a theme, with past examples including filmmakers who have transitioned to features, surrealist shorts, and holiday films. Check back in at the beginning of each month for new editions or subscribe to our monthly e-newsletter to receive updates.

Loading Docs 2015

Writer, broadcaster, and producer Tim Lambourne discusses three of this year’s crop of kiwi micro-documentaries from Loading Docs. These immersive shorts take us through diverse forms of art and connect us with the subcultures and people that give them life.

Performance-driven shorts selected by Miranda Harcourt

In this Screening Room, renowned kiwi actor, acting coach and director Miranda Harcourt shares three of her favourite kiwi shorts. With an eye for detail and the art of storytelling, these NZ classics show how actors can reveal a complete narrative through careful performance rather than exposition.

Australia’s Funniest Shorts

In this Screening Room, Australian comedian Sean Conway shares three of his favourite films from the Australia’s Funniest Shorts collection, taking an amusing look at modern romance, beauty, and television standards.

Comedy Gold

Dying is easy, comedy is hard. Is this oft-quoted Hollywood maxim why intense dramas seem to collect all the statues during award season? Clayton Barnett opens up the Show Me Shorts vault to find three comedies that have won our top award over the years.

Small but perfectly formed

Special guest, screenwriter, and SMS ambassador Nick Ward shares 3 short shorts that have cut all the excess, leaving their central message unhindered. These shorts show how a film can still manage to intrigue, unsettle, and thrill in under 5 minutes.

Going Public

In this month’s Screening Room, Hanako shares three films that play with our everyday interactions in public spaces. Spanning 30 years, from 1980 to 2010, each of these films present unique, yet somehow familiar, interpretations of how we act when out and about.

Torturing your characters

Sometimes for a story to be worth telling, its characters have to go through hell. In this month’s Screening Room, Clayton Barnett takes a look at three shorts from the 2014 festival now screening online that take their protagonists and creators through the wringer.

Cracker shorts for Christmas

Special guest and promo director for Sky TV Clayton Barnett shares three shorts from this year’s festival that can now also be found online. While on the surface these shorts focus on levity, they also manage to convey deeper messages on love, aspiration, and beauty.

Seeing Sound with Francesca Rudkin

Film/music reviewer & producer Francesca Rudkin discusses three music videos from the 1990’s whose directors have gone on to make major features. With one part nostalgia and an emphasis on style, these directors manage to present their artists’ performances in distinctly iconic ways.