General News


Animation In Isolation

Many top animators have been busy during lock-down. Creating short films that allow us to reflect on and poke gentle fun at our anxiety, escalating desire to escape, and strange urge to hoard toilet paper. Enjoy them here.

The Show Must Go On

Many of you are wondering whether Show Me Shorts will take place this year, and if your short film qualifies for our awards if it is screening as part of an online festival. The answers are yes, and yes.

Online Short Film Festival

Our upcoming Short Film Night events are now mini online festivals. Buy a ticket and you will be sent out a special link and password to enjoy the films together-apart. Here are the details about the first two – Iranian and German short films.

German Short Film Night 2020

Show Me Shorts presents a night of German short films – 28 April in Auckland & 29 April in Wellington. Join us to celebrate the cinema of Germany with this vibrant collection full comedy, cats, Christmas, amusement parks and football!

Accounting Workshop for Film Creatives

Show Me Shorts has teamed up with accounting specialists The Hive to offer a workshop demystifying tax and book-keeping in the film industry – in a fun and interactive format, using language that you can understand without the jargon.