Filmmaker Resources


In this collection of articles you will find advice and tips on some of the more common hurdles that are part of the short film making process. Whether you are just starting out or looking to hone a particular part of your craft, find out if we can give you some useful ideas or tools.

You can also find a list of other international short film festivals here if you’re looking for more places to submit your film.

5 tips for casting on a budget

There’s an art to casting well, and on a budget. If you’re not quite at the stage where you can afford to pay a Casting Director to work their magic for you, the following casting tips will point you in the right direction towards creating the film you imagined.

Explaining film-festival limbo

Feel like you’re in film-festival limbo? There are many reasons why it might take a while to hear back from a festival once you’ve submitted your short film. Festival organiser Gina Dellabarca explains.

Post-production begins on set

Post-production is a long but satisfying process – it’s when your film really comes together. And as Gina Dellabarca explains, post-production actually begins while you’re in the middle of shooting.

Making magic in production

Lights, camera, action! In this article, Gina gives some insight on how to organise your crew to get the most out of your time in production. Knowing what to expect from each department and having everything you need on the day helps to ensure your shoot is both successful and enjoyable.

Pre-production is your best friend

In this Filmmaker Resources feature, Gina addresses the importance of pre-production in creating a successful short film shoot. Learn how to get organised and sort things like permits, cast, crew, and gear before stepping on set and how that can save you trouble down the road.