Filmmaker Resources


Running a short film festival for more than a decade and working closely with filmmakers has given us experience with some of the more common hurdles that are part of the short film making process. We’re providing resources in the form of a series of articles to share some of this knowledge with developing filmmakers. Whether you are just starting out or looking to hone a particular part of your craft, find out if we can give you some useful ideas or tools. You can also find a list of other international short film festivals here if you’re looking for more places to submit your film.

Filmmaking competitions forge teams

How do you forge a filmmaking dream team? Short film making competitions are a great place to test out your crew under pressure. This month we look at the work of some teams who have successfully used filmmaking competitions and made great short films in the process.

The A-Z of short film making

Getting into the short film industry can be extremely challenging, and so can learning and remembering all of the jargon that filmmakers, film crews and cast use regularly. In this handy guide we have collated a list of important filmmaking terms and definitions to help get you started.

5 tips for casting on a budget

There’s an art to casting well, and on a budget. If you’re not quite at the stage where you can afford to pay a Casting Director to work their magic for you, the following casting tips will point you in the right direction towards creating the film you imagined.

Explaining film-festival limbo

Feel like you’re in film-festival limbo? There are many reasons why it might take a while to hear back from a festival once you’ve submitted your short film. Festival organiser Gina Dellabarca explains.