For Filmmakers

We’re always looking for ways to help filmmakers develop their talents. Our Short Film Lab connects select filmmakers and their ideas with mentors to help them turn them into realised shorts. The Short Film Talks provide a forum for audiences and aspiring filmmakers to interact with great Kiwi short film makers. We also provide a knowledge base of resources for anyone interested in developing a film.


Screenwriting Lab

Show Me Shorts Screenwriting Lab is a hothouse mentoring scheme for screenwriters and aspiring screenwriters to workshop new ideas for short film. This Lab is an extension of the previous version we have been running since 2010. It includes a full-day workshop with intensive feedback sessions and mentoring, plus follow-up sessions with a mentor who will guide each participant through the development of their script for up to one year.

Filmmaker Resources

Running a short film festival over a decade and working closely with filmmakers has given us experience with some of the more common hurdles that are part of the short film making process. We are providing resources in the form of a series of articles in an effort to share some of this knowledge with developing filmmakers. Whether you are just starting out or looking to hone a particular part of your craft, click through and see if we can give you some useful ideas or tools.

Short Film Talks

Interested in learning more about making short films? Our Short Film Talks provide a way to engage with the filmmakers and find out more about the craft. These two-hour sessions bring top short film makers together to each screen one of their works and discuss the joys and challenges of making that short film. Click through to find out more.



Licensing music for short films

Many a filmmaker has found themselves in hot water after not correctly gaining the required licenses and permissions for the music in their film. Here we have collected some advice on sourcing music for short films and obtaining the rights.