Show Me Shorts loves to celebrate short films, their talented creators and the audience for whom they are made. We are proud to put on events each year to bring the two together in fun and entertaining ways.

For updated programme and event details please check our updated information here.


Awards Night

Be there to watch as the winners of the Show Me Shorts Awards are announced, prizes presented and the winning films played.Click through to find out more.

Christchurch Opening Night

Show Me Shorts launches our Christchurch season with a specially curated selection of Christchurch-centric films, world premieres and a few special treats. Meet local filmmakers and hear from the festival team as they introduce the night. The programme screens twice with a drinks reception in between. Click through to find out more.

Wellington Opening Night

Celebrate local winners and watch all the award-winning films at the opening of the Wellington season. This event brings together short film makers and short film enthusiasts to toast our community’s best and brightest. Click through to find out more.

Short Film Talks

Interested in learning more about short film making? Join us for the Short Film Talks during the festival. These two-hour sessions bring top short film makers together to each screen one of their works and discuss the joys and challenges of making that short film. Click through to find out more.

Meet the Festivals

A special online panel event with programmers and distributors from some of the best short film festivals from around the world Click through to find out more.



Norwegian Short Film Night

BOOK NOW to join us for an evening of fun and thought provoking short films from Norway: 12 June in Christchurch / 14 June in Auckland / 15 June in Wellington / 18-19 June on demand

Portuguese Short Film Night

Join us for an evening of visually compelling and award-winning short films from Portugal. On 15th June in Auckland, 16th June in Wellington and 17th June Christchurch. BOOK NOW.

Quebecois Short Film Night

Join us for an evening of award-winning short films from the Quebec region of Canada, an exploration of characters from all walks of life. On 25th May in Auckland and 26th May in Wellington. BOOK NOW.

Scottish Short Film Nights

Join us for an evening of award-winning Scottish short films featuring hot chips, heavy metal, a Highland battle and a drunken night out. Wellington 13 April, Auckland 14 April. Book now.