My Little Goat

Award nominees announced

We are pleased to announce the nominees for our 2019 awards. The winners will be announced at Auckland Opening Night and Awards Ceremony on Saturday 5 October.

There are 16 films nominated for across eight award categories. Ani directed by Josephine Stewart-Te Whiu is the most-nominated film, competing for five awards. Armağan Ballantyne’s Hush and Awanui Simich-Pene’s are each nominated for four awards.

Department of Post Best NZ Film

  • Elspeth Grant & Paloma Schneideman for Memory Foam
  • Larisa Tiffin for Hush
  • Sarah Cook & Josephine Stewart-Te Whiu for Ani

Best International Film

  • Sam McMullen & Brian Martin for The Cocaine Famine – Ireland
  • Yuichi Ito & Tomoki Misato for マイリトルゴート (My Little Goat) – Japan
  • Ithaca Yixian Deng & Hao Zheng for The Chef – USA
  • Annick Blanc & Maria Gracia Turgeon for La Couleur de Tes Lèvres (The Colour of Your Lips) – Canada
  • Victoria Warmerdam & Trent for Korte Kuitspier (Short Calf Muscle) – Netherlands

DEGNZ Best Director

  • Awanui Simich-Pene for
  • Armağan Ballantyne for Hush            
  • Josephine Stewart-Te Whiu for Ani
  • Paloma Schneideman for Memory Foam

Final Draft Best Screenplay

  • Judith Cowley for Walk a Mile
  • Rachel Ross for Number Two             
  • Josephine Stewart-Te Whiu for Ani

DEGNZ Best Editor

  • Annie Collins for Rū                                                                   
  • Alexander Gandar for One By the Venom – Finn Andrews
  • Anastasia Doniants for Ani

Panavision Best Cinematographer

  • Donald Duncan NZCS for Kino Ratten
  • Maria Inés Manchego for Ani
  • Maria Inés Manchego for Hush
  • Waka Attewell NZCS for Walk a Mile

Toi Whakaari Best Actor

  • Ana Tuisila for Liliu
  • Miriama McDowell for
  • Alison Bruce for Memory Foam
  • Margaret Sydenham for Hush

NZ on Air Best Music Video

  • Jeremy Dillon, Ben Sinclair & Ned Wenlock for Tony the Tiny Pony
  • Alexander Gandar, Tom Augustine & Amanda Jane Robinson for One By the Venom – Finn Andrews
  • Vision Thing & Winnie Dumell for Rock Bottom – Randa

Female filmmakers have taken out all of the nominations in four of the eight award categories. Four women are nominated for the DEGNZ Best Director award. Three female writers are nominated for the Final Draft Best Screenplay award. While four actresses are being highlighted for their outstanding performances in competition for the Toi Whakaari Best Actor award.

Show Me Shorts has always been a champion of diversity, and supportive of showcasing the work of female filmmakers. It’s an uphill battle though, with festivals globally programming only around 16% of films that are directed by women.

“We need more women and people with diverse points of view to get behind the camera! Happily, this year 43% of the films selected for Show Me Shorts are directed by women. We hope this points to a trend towards an increasing number of short films directed by women.” – Festival Director Gina Dellabarca

Let’s hope Hollywood takes note. They still have a long way to go, with their gender ratio closer to 6% of films directed by women.

Male filmmakers do get a look in with several nominated across the Best International Film, Panavision Best Cinematographer, NZ on Air Best Music Video and DEGNZ Best Editor categories.

Five films are nominated for the Best International Film award: The Cocaine Famine from filmmakers Sam McMullen and Brian Martin (Ireland); マイリトルゴート (My Little Goat) from Yuichi Ito and Tomoki Misato (Japan); The Chef made by Ithaca Yixian Deng and Hao Zheng (USA); La Couleur de Tes Lèvres (The Colour of Your Lips) by Annick Blanc and Maria Gracia Turgeon (Canada); and Korte Kuitspier (Short Calf Muscle) from Victoria Warmerdam and Trent (Netherlands). These are all strong films that have played at high profile festivals around the world.

Cinematographer Simon Raby enjoyed the opportunity to be part of the national jury panel: “Short films are like a little pocket of absolute purity that hasn’t been messed around with by commercial imperative! The standard of films is so high overall this year it became very difficult to judge. There is a certain grief that judges experience when narrowing down the finalists and I certainly felt there were many films that were equally deserving of accolades. It’s going to be a great festival!”

Japanese jury member Eiji Shimada spoke highly of the Kiwi films in competition: “New Zealand short films are diverse, unique, and marvellous. I am thrilled to see talented filmmakers here and learn about your culture and historical background from all the nominated films. I think they are original but universal.”

In addition to the awards listed above, audience members can vote for the SAE People’s Choice Award during the festival, by completing the survey in cinemas or on our website.

As an Oscar-accredited film festival the winners of our top two awards, Department of Post Best New Zealand Film and Best International Film, will become qualified to enter the Academy Awards. Other prizes include $7,500 cash, $12,000 worth of camera gear rental from Panavision, $5,000 of gear rental from Rubber Monkey, copies of Final Draft writing software, membership to DEGNZ, flowers from Enchanted Rose, certificates and engraved bronze winners’ brooches. The total prize pool is valued at more than $40,000.

The jury panels assembled for the 2019 Show Me Shorts awards included highly regarded screen industry practitioners: Japanese short film programmer Eiji Shimada from Sapporo Short Film Festival; celebrated cinematographer Simon Raby; renowned film critic Francesca Rudkin; successful screenwriter Nick Ward; award-winning editor Betsy Bauer; Estonian filmmaker/programmer/distributor Peter Murdmaa; and the NZFC’s Head of Talent Development Dale Corlett.