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Filmmaking competitions forge teams

How do you forge a filmmaking dream team? Short film making competitions are a great place to test out your crew under pressure. This month we look at the work of some teams who have successfully used filmmaking competitions and made great short films in the process.

Oscar nominated directors

This month in our Screening Room we invite you to take a look at the early short films of three Academy Award-nominated directors: Damien Chazelle (La La Land), Barry Jenkins (Moonlight) and Denis Velleneuve (Arrival).

Fantastic shorts to unwrap this Christmas

Nothing beats film for a way to escape the real world, and what better way to dodge the family Christmas dramas than fresh and gorgeous fantasy and sci/fi? SMS team member Clayton breaks up your holiday break with striking fresh shorts that span around the world and into new ones.

Hopelessly devoted to romantic shorts

The search for love is sometimes fraught with disaster but being a hopeless romantic – and single – Clayton Barnett from the Show Me Shorts team can’t help but fall in love with shorts on falling in love.

Family Matters

Here are three whanau-featuring highlights from our 2015 programme, as selected by one of our programmers, Clayton Barnett. Whether you’re a father, grandmother, step-son, half-sister, cousin, aunt or whatever, you’ll find something you can relate to here.

A short shot of love

Valentine’s Day is looming, so Show Me Shorts team member Clayton Barnett has picked out three short takes on love – and we aren’t just talking about the romantic, mushy stuff, either.

Breaking out the stubbies

Rugby is filled with drama and tension and it seems the changing rooms and playing fields of our national game are ripe for good story telling. If you’re looking for something to find the gap before the next big match, try one of these compelling rugby shorts.

Comedy Gold

Dying is easy, comedy is hard. Is this oft-quoted Hollywood maxim why intense dramas seem to collect all the statues during award season? Clayton Barnett opens up the Show Me Shorts vault to find three comedies that have won our top award over the years.

Torturing your characters

Sometimes for a story to be worth telling, its characters have to go through hell. In this month’s Screening Room, Clayton Barnett takes a look at three shorts from the 2014 festival now screening online that take their protagonists and creators through the wringer.

Cracker shorts for Christmas

Special guest and promo director for Sky TV Clayton Barnett shares three shorts from this year’s festival that can now also be found online. While on the surface these shorts focus on levity, they also manage to convey deeper messages on love, aspiration, and beauty.