Festival Open and Award Winners Announced!

Night Shift won SMS Best Film, Script-to-Screen Best Screenplay, Panavision Best Cinematographer, and StarNow Best Actor

The 2012 festival kicked off with a bang to a sold out crowd at The Capitol in Auckland with our Opening Night and Awards. A big thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate the festival, all of the outstanding nominees, and our wonderful partners.

Our judges had a tough job narrowing the field with so many great films and then a tougher one with such brilliant nominees. Paul Campion said of Night Shift, winner of 4 coveted awards, “The performance was tight, the unravelling was captivating.” Rene Naufahu described the films that had the biggest impact on him:

Lambs won SDGNZ Best Director and SDGNZ Best Editor

“inescapable, claustrophobic, unpredictable, urgent and other-worldly yet at the same time liberating, a huge breath of fresh air, slow-burning and (best of all!) on our doorstep”.

If you are in Wellington, you can enjoy all the winning films at the Paramount on November 8 Opening Night, along with a glass of wine from Soulo and an ice cream from Rush Monro’s. (Click to book).

Abiogenesis won the Special Jury Prize for technical achievement

Without further ado, this year’s winners are:

  • Show Me Shorts Best Film – Matt Noonan & Chelsea Winstanley ‘Night Shift’
  • Special Jury Prize – Richard Mans ‘Abiogenesis’ – awarded for his incredible technical accomplishment (for just one person) resulting in a beautifully designed CGI film.
  • Kia Kaha won Best Student Film

  • SDGNZ Best Director – Sam Kelly ‘Lambs’
  • Script to Screen Best Screen Play – Zia Mandviwalla ‘Night Shift’
  • SDGNZ Best Editor – Jeff Hurrell ‘Lambs’
  • Best Student Film – Lauren Eisinger & Katherine France ‘Kia Kaha’
  • Panavision Best Cinematographer – Ari Wegner ‘Night Shift’
  • StarNow Best Actor – Anapela Polataivao ‘Night Shift’
  • Best International Film – Jannine Barnes ‘The Wilding’


The Wilding won Best International Film

Check out our programme for a screening of these and many other great shorts near you!